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Ishtar Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
PoisonIvy Poison Ivy Native Give Normal Attack a 10% STR [poison] dmg over 7 sec.
Solaris Solaris Native Enable Ishtar to charge a homing life-energy, dealing 200% STR.
ForestDruid ForestDruid Native Gives Ishtar 25% poison element protection and immunity to poison.
EverGreen EverGreen Native Add 15% of Ishtar's MHP to all her plant summons.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Entangle Entangle Active Temporary binds target and deals TAL(20~30) [poison] e.dmg over LVL(2~3) sec.
Naturalized Naturalize Active Heal HLG(130~200) HP to allies in 23m and remove all abnormal status.
LivingLilly Living Lily Passive Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) lilly that deals [poison] dmg to enemies. (Max 2)
Rejuvenate Rejuvenate Active Restore LVL(100~150)% MHP to target over 30 sec.
NaturesVengeance Nature's Vengeance Active Bind and drains 6xTAL(50~75) HP with [poison] dmg from surrounding enemies for 6 sec.
LifePresence Life Presence Passive Heals all demon allies and summons for LVL(5~10)% of Ishtar's HP every 15 sec.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SoothingWisp SoothingWisp Active Summon a wisp that heals ally for LVL(50~100) HP every 2s. (Max 3)
VenusTrap VenusTrap Active Plant a hidden trap that pulls and lock enemy for 2 sec. Max LVL(2~7) traps.
SunEater SunEater Active Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) sunflower that deals [light] dmg to enemies. (Max 2)
VenomCloud VenomCloud Active Inflict TAL(66~100) and TAL(10~15) venom around Ishtar and summons for 23sec. (stacked.)
EcoSphere EcoSphere Passive Double max limit of plant summons and reduce their cool down by LVL(30~60)%
Eden Eden Active Summon a tree of life that continuously return LVL(10~15) MP to all allies in 30m.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
LifeStream LifeStream Active Temporary change n.attack effect to heal nearby allies for HLG(130~200) HP.
BurrowUnder BurrowUnder Active Burrow Ishtar and her plants, prevents dmg and heals HLG(400~600) and some MP over 6s. (Move to cancel.)
DevilsThorn DevilsThorn Active Summon a Lv. LVL(7~22) flower that deals [poison] [dark] eff.dmg with 3% death. (Max 2)
WildProtection WildProtection Active Give LVL(30~45)% [poison] protection and block abnormal status to all demon allies for 13 sec.
CallOfTheForest CallOfTheForest Active Increase Ishtar and all summons damage by LVL(100~150)% and focus attack on a target for 13s.
EntientProtector EntientProtector Active Summon a lv. LVL(20~30) guardian tree that attack with huge boulders in 80m range.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Lifebloom LifeBloom Active Heal 2xHLG(100-200) HP to allies and give demon allies LVL(10-20)% HP regen for 13s.
SecretGarden SecretGarden Active Periodically cure all abnormal status to allies in LVL(13-23)m area for 30s.
OverGrowth OverGrowth Active Evolve Living Lilly or Sun Eater to the next plant evolution with LVL(50~100)% lv. reduce summon LV
TowerOfThorns TowerOfThorns Active Deal 10xTAL(100~200) [poison] dmg at target area and reduce 10% [poison] (stack to 100%.)
WildFlourish WildFlourish Active Instantly summon max number of plants with LVL(100~200)% of their skill levels.
EternalGrade EternalGrade Active Continuously heal HLG(250~500) HP to all allies in 50m every 4s with 40 mp.