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Overview[ | ]

Jurassic Trail was the late Satan's strolling garden, where he picked up dino eggs for Boni. Now that the late Satan is gone, Boni wants you to pick them up for him.


  • Type: Exploration Campaign
  • Team: 3 Players
  • Objective: Collect 5 dinosaur eggs
  • Item Reward: M xpl5Ancient Wine x 1-3

Map[ | ]


Gameplay[ | ]

- The objective is to safely obtain 5 dinosaur eggs.

- All exp received from killing monsters will be added to all players at the end of the mission.

- All monsters except bosses will respawn 3 times. You can kill them and loop around for extra exp.

- Higher difficulty gives out higher exp for each monster killed.

Conquest[ | ]

Quest Reward
Win Noobic Jurassic Trail 1 time N sol3 30 souls
Win Noobic+ Jurassic Trail 3 times N sol440 souls
Win Humanic Jurassic Trail 1 time N sol5 50 souls
Win Humanic+ Jurassic Trail 4 times N sol6 60 souls
Win Demonic Jurassic Trail 1 time N sol7 70 souls
Win Demonic+ Jurassic Trail 5 times N sol880 souls
Win Satanic Jurassic Trail 1 time N sol9 90 souls
Win Satanic+ Jurassic Trail 6 times I ksm1Kosmos x1