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Killjoy Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SwiftHand FlyingDagger Native Deal 5xSTR(0.8~0.5) with normal attack and STR(0.5) with walk attack.
BlackJoke BlackJoke Native Deal STR(1.0) dmg to target area and inflict blind (23%) for 6 sec. with c.attack.
LivingKnives SwiftHand Native Give Killjoy 13% chance to evade magical damage.
JackPot Jackpot Native Give Killjoy additional 23% critical damage.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
JesterCard JesterCard Active Temporary adds LVL 13% critical chance and LVL(23~33) dmg to critical damage for 13 sec.
FoolSeeker FoolSeeker Active Throw 5 homing knives at target, dealing STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(50~75) [dark] dmg.
KnifeJuggle KnifeJuggle Active Creates a trap that deals TAL(66~100) [wind] dmg with (50)% chance to disarm for 3 sec.
LaughingComedian LaughingComedia Active Deal 3x STR(1.3~2.0) [wind]/[dark] crit dmg to a wide frontal area.
CheatFate CheatFate Active Temporary gives Killjoy LVL(33~50)% speed boost and LVL(66~100)% phy/mag evasion for 3 sec.
JackInTheBox JackInTheBox Active Place a box at current location or switch place with it, dealing TAL(200~300) [dark] dmg.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WildCard WildCard Active Deals STR(1.0~1.5) + TAL(50~75) [wind] dmg and randomly inflict poison, cripple, stun or silence.
SwitchClown SwitchCrown Active Instantly swap Killjoy and target's location and deal TAL(50~75) [dark] eff.dmg to enemy target.
LifeGamble LifeGamble Active Give Killjoy a chance to double or halve his current HP with LVL(50~75)% success.
QuickChange QuickChange Active Remove all elemental status and add LVL(33-50)% random element buff/debuff protection for 60 sec.
InvisibleClown InvisibleClown Active Make one target ally invisible for 10~15 seconds.
UpsideDown UpsideDown Active Trade Killjoy's current HP ratio with target. (Max LVL(200~300)% of current MHP).

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Gambit Gambit Active Temporary deal n.attack's critical hit as LVL(100-150)% aoe eff.dmg or 1 damage for 13 sec.
RabbitDynamite RabbitDynamite Active Change c.attack to throwing bunny, dealing multiple STR(1.0~1.5) dmg (no crit) with weapon's element.
ColorShuffle ColorShuffle Active Add and deal random-element TAL(100-150) m.dmg and reduce target's elemental protection by LVL(20-30)% for 23 sec.
AllOutBurst AllOutBurst Active Deal 8x TAL(55~83) mag.dmg with random rainbow element and reduce its ele.def by LVL(10~15)% (stack).
DealersLuck DealersLuck Passive Passively heal random hlg(66-100) - hlg(130-200) hp to self every time a skill is used.
DeathTrapping DeathTrapping Active A card trap that fire with second activation, dealing 4x TAL(230~350) m.dmg with [rainbow] elements.

SSS[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Misfortune Misfortune Active Deal TAL(250-500) m.dmg and stun target for Random 1-LVL(1-6)s.
MiracleJokers MiracleJokers Active Fire 17x STR(1~2) cards at single enemy with critical hits.
RiddlersTrick Riddler'sTrick Active Deal TAL(777~1500) [rainbow] mag.dmg and inflict random ailments on all enemy in the 30m area for 30s.
KillerStrings KillerStrings Active Deal 69x TAL(0.5~1.0) [wind]/[dark] dmg and reduce 6% [wind]/[dark] for 23sec. (stack to 66%)
PsychoClownParty PsychoClownParty Active Transform nearby demon allies into Killjoy for 130s with LVL(100~200)% stats. (Revert when a skill is used.)
SatanicDexterity SatanicDexterity Active Gives self a LVL (130-230) Dex boost for 130 sec.