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Banner KingRodinia

Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Campaign
  • Team: 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat King Rodinia
  • Difficulty All
  • Time 30 min

Introduction[ | ]

King Rodinia is a Trail Boss campaign. The ancient god from the lost dimensions of time is here! Assemble your team and kick that angel ass in an epic battle!

Basics[ | ]

- King Rodinia does not receive debuffs. You can use both close range and ranged demons to hit him.

- King Rodinia can also call out angel guardians to aid him.

- Once his hp is at a certain amount, he will use King's Ray skill, dealing huge AOE dmg to the area. Be sure to preprare yourself before this skill.

Stage Reward[ | ]

Difficulty Noobic Humanic Demonic Satanic
Reward EXP 3300
Reward Copper 3000

Boss Details[ | ]

Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light 50 Fire - Wind - Water -
Earth - Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark -50
Other Immunity

Abilities[ | ]

Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 1 Noobic King Rodinia N sol5 x50 souls
Win 3 Noobic+ King Rodinia N gld9 x500 gold
Win 1 Humanic King Rodinia N sol7 x70 souls
Win 4 Humanic+ King Rodinia Z krd1x K.Rodina I
Win 1 Demonic King Rodinia N sol9 x90 souls
Win 5 Demonic+ King Rodinia Z krd2x K.Rodinia II
Win 1 Satanic King Rodinia N sol9 x90 souls
Win 6 Satanic King Rodinia Z krd3x K.Rodina III
Win Satanic King Rodinia with S Rank I ksm1 x1 Kosmos

Rewards[ | ]

Rodinia's Wheel