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Located deep under Soul Tower, Demon Vault is where all hell's most important treasures are kept inside the Living Vault's infinit belly. There is also two item shops and a craft store for custom order items conveniently placed next to it.

Living vault

Living Vault[ | ]

Living Vault Storage

The Living Vault is where demons can manage all their items inventory by category. Each item slot can hold up to 999 units of a stackable item type, except for weapons, armors, and animas, which are not stackable.

There are 5 categories that can be stored in Living Vault ; Items , Equipments , Animar , Materials , Schemas. You can check your items count of each category at Inventory Count on the right side of Living Vault's window.

There's also a limit of total item slots. Once this number is exceeded, you will not be able to gain more items of that type. You can buy more item slots at ExpandButton or Trash buttontrash your unwanted items.

Item Shops[ | ]

Money Shop

Gold shop

There are two shops located in the Vault : Money shop and Gold shop.

Item shops are categorized with items , field items , weapons , armors , trinkets , materials and schema.

You can buy or sell your items by using BuyTab buttonorSellTab buttonoption.

Crafting Shops[ | ]

Crafting shop

Once you have received a schema, a list of craftable items will show here in the Hell Furnace along with their required ingredients.

You can check more information in Crafting & Enhanement page.

In Game Tutorial[ | ]