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Lotus Box is a reward from Fenli Bridge Open Arena(access via Steve, Saturday - 10:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 and 20:00). You can throw it into the Flame Altar for random rewards.

I ltb1

Rewards Chance[ | ]

Item Chance
M jin4 Turquoise Jinn 10%
M jin3 Emerald Jinn 10%
M jin2 Citrine Jinn 10%
M jin1 Ruby Jinn 15%
M dst1 Iron Dust 10%
Z ltb1 Lotus Bloom I 10%
M dst2 Silver Dust 10%
Z ltb2 Lotus Bloom II 10%
M dst3 Gold Dust 10%
Z ltb3 Lotus Bloom III 4%
T all66 Blue Lotus 1%