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Lust City is the sin metropolis that float high up on the sky scraper realm. In the middle, The Goddess Venus was captured and imprisoned here by the late Satan. Draining her power to light up the city, she has abadoned all hope and only lives for sensual pleassure. Those who gives her ecstasy will surely earn her favor and conquer the Lust realm.

Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Point Capture
  • Team: 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2
  • Objective: First team to score 1000% ecstasy points wins.
  • Time 45 min

Main Objective[ | ]

Lust City is the 2-2-2-2 area capture arena. Each couple needs to capture their own areas to gain 'Ecstacy Point'. But be careful LustCity doesn't have enough supreme happiness for every couple. Fight against enemies to achieve 1000% ecstasy and win the match!

Ecstasy Score & Platform[ | ]

Lust Arena is phased into mini consecutive 2.30s (or 150s) round. At the start of each round, the Ecstasy Pool will be reset to 300% and a random 'Ecstasy Platform' will be activated. Anyone captured 'Ecstasy Platform' by steping on, will drain the Ecstasy Score into his/her team score. The draining rate will be double if both players on the same team is on the platform. At the the end of the round, the remaining score in the pool will go to the team that is on the platform.

Be warned though that a captured platform can only be captured by another team by killing the owner or make him/her leave the platform.

Lust Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B lst1 B lst2 B lst3

Lust Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik25 Kinky Weapon Uncommon STR+9 TAL+13 +13% chance to inflict 2s lock -
W wik45 Lust Weapon Rare DEX+15 TAL+15 +25% chance to inflict abnormal status Dark
W wik65 Lover Weapon Legendary DEX+21 TAL+21 - Thunder
A wik45 Lust Armor Rare DEX+20 TAL+20 +35% chance to inflict abnormal status +35% Poison Poison Resist
-30% Fire Fire Resist
A wik65 Lover Armor Legendary STR+13 VIT+13 DEX+20 TAL+20 +40 chance to inflict abnormal status +35% Thunder Thunder Resist
-30% Wind Wind Resist

Lust Anima

Lust Reward Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M lst1 Clear Wing Ripped wing from Lust fireflies. Commonly used in cosplay wing. Lust City
M lst2 Blue Leaf Strange plant grown by Muhqueen. Lust City
M lst3 Bad Clover Four petals clover that bring bad luck to all. Lust City
M lst4 Wiggling Vine Living vine that used to be part of Flos arm. Lust City
M lst5 Wurm Shell Strong shell that can change color to its surrounding. Lust City
M lst6 Golden Tulip Beautiful flower that actually smell like fart. Lust City
M lst7 Tree Eye Huge rolling eye that comes from Lust City. Lust City
M lst8 Statue Head Huge contraband that can cause a hefty amount of fines. Lust City
M lst9 Disco Ball Heart of Disco, an rare material from Lust Arena. Lust City

Lust Conquest[ | ]

Play Lust X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play Lust 3 times N sol3 30 souls
Play Lust 6 times I ksh1 x1
Play Lust 13 times I evo1 x1
Play Lust 23 times S wep3 Weapon Schema XV x1
Play Lust 33 times N sol5 50 souls
Play Lust 45 times N gld7 200 gold
Play Lust 66 times N sol9 90 souls
Play Lust 99 times T all47 Ice Amulet x1
Play Lust 130 times S wep4 Weapon Schema XX x1

Win Lust X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Lust 1 times T all4 x1
Win Lust 3 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Lust 6 times I evo1 x1
Win Lust 13 times S arm3 Armors Schema XV x1
Win Lust 23 times N gld5 100 gold
Win Lust 33 times N sol7 70souls
Win Lust 45 times N gld9 500 gold
Win Lust 66 times T all54 Nature Bangle x1
Win Lust 99 times S arm4 Armors Schema XX x1

Win Lust X Consecutive Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Lust 2 cons I bls1 x2
Win Lust 3 cons S wep2 Weapon Schema X x1
Win Lust 4 cons I bls1 x4
Win Lust 5 cons T all9 Dark Ring x1
Win Lust 6 cons I bls1 x6
Win Lust 7 cons I ksh2 x2
Win Lust 8 cons I ksh3 x1
Win Lust 9 cons I ksh3 x2

Complete X Lust Quest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Lust Quests N gld4 50 gold
Complete 6 Lust Quests N sol6 60 souls
Complete 9 Lust Quests Z lst1 Ecstasy I x1
Complete 13 Lust Quests N sol9 90souls
Complete 17 Lust Quests Z lst2 Ecstasy II x1
Complete 21 Lust Quests T all41 x1
Complete 27 Lust Quests N gld9 500 gold
Complete 33 Lust Quests Z lst3 Ecstasy III x1
Complete 39 Lust Quests T all59 Shadow Bangle x1