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Magic Missiles is one of Fay's spells. Alternate of Mana Arc & Oracle Blast. First Column Spell, Second Row Spell.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
MagicMissiles Active

Fire magical missiles that home toward target dealing 5x TAL(40~60) light m.dmg.

Description[ | ]

This spell will fire 5 projectiles that each of them will deal light damages. They're all homing, so if you are at an acceptable distance, they'll hit. Even if the ennemy is a little too much near they'll hit, they'll just need a little more time just to do a big turn to hit. But sometimes the "missiles" won't hit since the homing cannot touch by infinite looping.

Projectiles have a limited time to touch, even if it's long, sometimes it will not be enough.

This spell has 20 seconds cooldown.

Visual[ | ]

Levels[ | ]

Level Damage per Missiles Stamina Cost Mana Cost
1 40 3 35
2 48 3 38
3 52
4 3 45
5 4 49
6 4 52

Damage has certainly a multiplier relation with your Talent Statistic.