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Purgatory Plain Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M prg1 Addle Egg Half-alive egg. Scary but taste nice. Drop from Ekkling. Ekkling
M prg2 Foo Bubble Material drop from Foo Foo. FooFoo
M prg3 Bat wing Material drop from Batling. Batling
M prg4 Dekko Tail Wickling tail, a material drop from Dekko. Dekko
M prg5 Corbus Beak Material drop from Corbus. Corbus
M prg6 Googly Eye Scary moving eye. Material frop from Motley Eye. MotleyEye
M prg7 Witch Cloth Piece of underwear. Material drop from Crone. Crone
M prg8 Amber Tush Decayed tooth drop from Trololo. Trololo
M prg9 Armor Shell Study shell drop from Rhonos. Rhonos
M prg10 Lamb Chop Delicious lamp chop from Dreadhoof. Dreadhoof
M prg11 Yellow Eye Giant yellow mushy eye from Grimage. Grimage
M prg12 Tomb Flagment Heavy tomb stone drop from UnderTaker. UnderTaker
M prg13 Beholder Eyes Bunch of eyes drop from Beholder. Beholder