DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Matti Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
HiddenBlade Hidden Blade Native Deal STR(0.8) with n.attack and additional 50% when hit from behind.
NoTrace No Trace Native Enables Matti to disappear with his charged attack.
ShadowBlend Shadow Blend Native Gives Matti additional 23% physical and magical evasion when standing still.
HeadBomb HeadBomb Native When Matti dies, explodes and deals 20% MHP as [dark] p.dmg.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
RollStrike RollStrike Active Evading phy. dmg, deal STR(1~1.5) + TAL(66~100) [dark] dmg and inflicts cripple for 6s.MP(13) SP(3)
ShadowSprint Shadow Sprint Active Gives Matti a blend status and +25% speed boost for LVL(9~13) seconds.
MultiStab Multi Stab Active Dealing 13x STR(0.5~0.75)+ TAL(23~33) dmgs.
MeatGrinder Meat Grinder Active Turns into a controllable spinning blade, dealing 24x STR(0.66~1.0)dmg.
SerialKiller Serial Killer Passive Show hidden enemies on mini map in LVL(60~90)m and return LVL(25~33)% MHP when Matti kills.
Murder Murder Active Instantly deal LVL(40~60)% of target's current HP as [dark] e.dmg. Max TAL(666~999)

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
BlindPoke Blind Poke Active Inflicts blind on target for 13s, making their physical attacks miss LVL(33~50)%.
JumpScare JumpScare Active Instantly warp behind target enemy in LVL(66~100)m and inflict petrify for 2s.
OpenWound Open Wound Active Deals STR(2.3~3.5) and inflict 13% bleed status for 6s
Terror Terror Active Dispel self and reduces surrounding enemies' phy.dmg and mag.dmg by LVL(44~66)% for 13s.
HallowLamp HallowLamp Active Create a lamp that heal Matti HLG(130~200) per sec over 13 sec.
FromTheShadow FromTheShadow Active Gives Matti invisible status for LVL(6~13)s and warp him behind the closest demon enemy.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
GutNgore GutNGore Active Temporary add (33~50)% vampire status to n.attack for 13s.
ThroatSlitter ThroatSlitter Active Evading all phy.dmg, deals STR(1.3~2.0) + TAL(130~200) dmg and silent them for 3s.
Stalker Stalker Active Increases Matti's damage to target by LVL(130~150)% and reveals it on the map for LVL(60~120)s.
RedShift RedShift Active Give n.attack 100% crit rate, 10% MP return and (66~100)% phy and mag evasion for 13s. (walk only.)
FanaticTenacity FanaticTenacity Passive Gives Matti LVL(60~90)% chance of HP lock at 23% MHP for 1s.
MidnightMurder MidnightMurder Active Tag and warp both target enemy and Matti to a special dark dimention for 13~23 sec.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SoulRipper SoulRipper Active Deal 2xSTR(4-8) [dark] dmg and add additional 6 souls if it kills the target.
MincingRed MincingRed Active Deals 13xSTR (1.5~3) dmg with nAttack's element. (Extra 200% dmg for fish, beast and human.)
ManicMenace ManicMenace Active Deal 6xSTR(2.0-4.0) + TAL(130-260) to random targets in 23m around last target.
ShadowStalker ShadowStalker Active Create a phantom clone of Matti with LVL(100~200)% stats that deal [dark] dmg to target for 60s.
MercilessReaper MercilessReaper Active Return 100% HP heal from n.attack dmg for LVL(30~60)s.
PumpkinSlice PumpkinSlice Active If hit, locks and slices target with 10x LVL(6~13)% effect dmg of their HP. (Max TAL(666~1300)