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Mhaou Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FireWhip FireWhip Native Deal STR(1) with normal attack, 23% chance to inflict TAL(13)% burn for 6s.
WakeOfFlame WakeOfFlame Native Release a distant quake with charge attack, dealing STR 2.5 dmg.
ArmorSkin ArmorSkin Native Give a 35% chance to block phy.dmg equal to 5x Mhaou's level.
LastBreath LastBreath Native Prevent fatal damage when Mhaou's HP is above 13% (reduce hp to 1 instead.)

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WarCry WarCry Active Increases Mhoau and surrounding allies ATK and Def by LVL(15~23)% for 23s.
GroundSomp GroundStomp Active Deals STR(1.3~2.0) + TAL(50~75) [earth] dmg and cripple enemies for LVL(6) sec.
LashOfTyrant LashOfTyrant Active Lash target in place for 33s while dealing 5xTAL(50~30) [fire] eff.dmg.
Inferno Inferno Active Deals 30xTAL(10~15) [fire] eff.dmg around Mhaou over 10s.
DragonPit Dragon Pit Active Create a giant cage around Mhaou for LVL(8~13) seconds.
HellsEnd HellsEnd Active Randomly deal 13xTAL(333~500) [fire]/[earth] mag.dmg to all in an area.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WarMonger War Monger Active Tuant enemies for TAL(333~500) Hate and reduce their ATK and SPD by LVL(20~30)% for 13s.
FireBreath FireBreath Active Dealing 6x TAL(66~100) [fire] mag.dmg to frontal area and inflict TAL(10~15) burn for 6s. MP(23) SP(4)
VitalityBond VitalityBond Active Transfer half of ally's dmg to Mhaou with LVL(33~50)% dmg reduction for 30s.
DragonSkin DragonScale Active Deflects LVL(45-66)% phy.dmg back to attackers for 13s.
DominionMarch DominionMarch Passive Increase sprint speed by LVL(40~60)% with crippling STR(0.6~1) [earth] dmg.
Devour Devour Active Remove target ally or enemy for LVL(8~13)sec and temporary adds its HP to Mhaou.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
MalletBash MalletBash Active Deal [earth] dmg and hate equal to LVL(15~23)% of Mhaou's current HP.
DrunkenFeast DrunkenFeast Active Heal HLG(66-100) HP every 3s to self and 50% to surrounding allies for 23s.
HellFire HellFire Active Deal TAL(200-300) [fire] m.dmg to target area and reduce LVL(40)% [fire] Def for 23s.
FlameWhip FlameWhip Active Deal 8x STR(0.6~0.9}) + TAL(100~200) [fire] mag.dmg to front targets.
ArmorWall ArmorWall Active Passively increases Mhaou's VIT from equipment by LVL(50~100)%.
InfernalSiege InfernalSiege Active Attack an area with catapults, dealing 13xSTR(2.0-3.0) + TAL(200-300) [fire][earth] dmg.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FullPower FullPower Active Return HLG(10~20)% HP and temporary give n.Attack and c.Attack LVL(200~400)% dmg when HP is full for 13s.
Unnam1ed LavaQuake Active Deals 3xSTR(3.0~6.0) [fire]/[earth] dmg with cripple and TAL(33~66) burn enemies for 6s.
Unnamed RetaliationBounce Active Deal LVL(50-100)% of Mhaou's missing HP as fld.dmg and ko.dmg to all enemies in front.
CalamityRay CalamityRay Active Deal STR(4~8) + TAL(400~800) [fire]/[earth] mag.dmg in a long line.
HundredYearsJunta HundredYearsJunta Active Create 9999 Hate and temporarily block all incoming dmg LVL(500~1000) for 23s. CD(60)
Upheaval Upheaval Active Deal continuous STR(2.0-4.0) + TAL(100-200) [fire]/[earth] fld.dmg to both allies and enemies over 5s.