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Nija Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SwiftPaws Swift Paws Native Deal STR(1.5) with n.attack and enable walk and sprint attack.
ChargeHeal Charge Heal Native Enable Nija to charge and heal STR(0.3) HP and STR(0.1) MP
MoonTwin Moon Twin Native Enable Nija's twin, Niko to do extra action with each active skills.
AirBounce Air Bounce Native Add 13% phy.evasion and enable double jump and jump-dive attack.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
DisarmAbility Disarm Active Deal STR(1.3~2.0) + TAL(50~75) [wind] dmg and inflicts disarm for LVL(3~5) sec. (+MoonFire)
VanishingShadow Vanishing Shadow Active Temporary turns Nija into an invisible state for LVL(4~6) seconds. (+MoonHeal)
BlackLotus Black Lotus Active Throw 3 homing blades that deal STR(1.0~1.5) + TAL(66-100) [wind]/[dark] dmg. (+MoonFire)
MoonBlade Moon Blade Active Cut away all shield status and deals 5xSTR(1.0~1.5) + TAL(50~75) [light] dmg. (+Hangetsu)
ShadowBlossom Shadow Blossom Active Dealing 3xTAL(200~300) [dark] dmg to surrounding enemies. (+Hangetsu) CD(30)
FadingShadow Fading Shadow Passive Gives Nija a LVL(23~33)% chance to evade physical and magical attacks while running (+13% while sprinting)

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FlipEdge Flip Edge Active Evade phy.dmg,remove lock and deal STR(2.0~3.0) [wind] dmg and reduce TAL(13~23) STR for 23s. (+MoonHeal)
NightSlash Night Slash Active Instantly warps behind target enemy and deals STR(2.0~3.0) + TAL(130-2000) [dark] dmg. (+MoonFire)
FloatingWheels Floating Wheels Active Throw a giant blade that deals STR(1.0~1.5) +TAL(100~150) [wind] dmg. (+Hangetsu)
HealAssist Heal Assist Active Send Niko to an ally demon, continuously healing LVL(10~15)% of the missing HP and MP per sec over 13s
PhantomBlade Phantom Blade Active Deals 10x STR(0.3~0.5) + TAL(33~50) [dark] e.dmg to a single target. (+Hangetsu)"; CD(45)
PhantomShadow Phantom Shadow Passive Evades next physical or magical attack and blend herself every LVL(10~5) sec.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FifthHeaven Fifth Heaven Active Deal accumulative 5x STR(0.5~0.75) [light] dmg and 3 ko. (+MoonFire)
GroundSpike Ground Spike Active Create a spike field dealing TAL(5-10) fld.dmg with (23)% cripple for 2s.
BindingChain Binding Chain Active Deal TAL(66~100) [dark] dmg and lock enemy down for 3s. (+MoonFire
Shikigami Shikigami Active Tag a target and warp toward it on second activation and deal TAL(200~300) [dark] mag.dmg. (+MoonFire)" CD(30)
DeltaStrike Delta Strike Active Places 3 seals dealing 6x STR(2.0~3.0) + 1xTAL(500~750) dmg and reduces [light][wind][dark] by LVL(23~33)%. (+MoonHeal)
RiteOfDuality Rite of Duality Active Trade LVL(3~9) common buffs and debuffs with target.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Unnamed (4) MoonlitPalm Active Deal 2xSTR(2.0~4.0) + TAL(200~400) [light] then [dark] dmg and reduce element 50% resistance for 13s.
MidnightSlash MidnightSlash Active Deal STR(3.0-6.0) + TAL(200-400) [dark] dmg to all front enemies, reduce their phy.atk by 20-40% for 23s.
ShadowMeld ShadowMeld Active Temporary gives Nija 50)% all evasion and speed boost for LVL(30~60)s.
LunarBlade LunarBlade Active Remove all shield status and deal 6xLVL(300-600)% DEX as [light]/[dark] dmg to target area.
SpiritCopy SpiritCopy Active Copy all common buffs from a single ally to all other allies around Nija for LVL(13~23)s.
AssassinEclipse AssassinEclipse Active Lock and deal STR(10-20) + TAL(666-1300) [dark] e.dmg to a single target with less than 33% hp.