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Open Arena is a special stages zone where players can join and do the objectives of the arenas. Arena maps will change each day and open at the specific times. (0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00 - weekdays and 10:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 and 20:00 - weekends)

Open Arena List[ | ]

HoarderVampireHuntBanner Hoarder (Vampire) Hunt

(Monday - 0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00)

reward: Vampire Box

SakuraBonshoBanner Sakura Bonsho

(Tuesday - 0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00)

reward: Sakura Box


(Wednesday - 0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00)

reward: UDC Box

QuarryDefenseBanner Quarry Defense

(Thursday - 0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00)

reward: Quarry Box

TrapRunnerBanner Trap Runner

(Friday - 0:00,18:00,20:00 and 22:00)

reward: Trap Runner Box

FenliBridgeBanner Fenli Bridge

(Saturday - 10:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 and 20:00)

reward: Lotus Box

HelympicBanner Helympic

(Sunday - 10:00,14:00,16:00,18:00 and 20:00)

reward: Helympic Box

Special arena[ | ]

Banner HalloweenWar Halloween War

(Only Halloween Event)

reward: Halloween War Ranking Rewards

SummerParadiseLogo Summer Paradise

(Songkran Event)

reward: Summer event items

Level and Exp[ | ]

In Open Arena mode, all demons starts out at their current level(max Lv.13). Join the arena will grant the demons some sliver and exp according to the arena.

Open Arena Reward[ | ]

Each Arenas has specific reward that randomly grant various reward upon using its at flame altar. The numbers of reward from the arena depend on how well you did the objective of the arenas.

Accessing Open Arena Maps[ | ]

Open Arena can be access via Steve in DemonSlum with a Evil pass. Each stage will be rotate daily. Current demon and equipments selected will be used for the stage. All players will join into an open map where more players can join in anytime until the maximum number is reached.