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Material Hunts are special stages where up to 13 players can join to hunt for materials from 7 sin arenas. All creeps from sin arenas will spawn here with random levels, which will grant the killer exp as well as a chance to get specific material drops. Open hunt stages are rotate weekly and can be access via Ichijo in Demon Slum

Open Hunt Stage List[ | ]

GamePlay[ | ]

Level and Exp[ | ]

In Material Hunt mode, all demons starts out at their current level. Killing creeps in this area will grant the killer a scaled exp according to the creep's random level.

Hunter Quests[ | ]

Each Map has specific hunting quest that grant various reward upon completion. The current incomplete quest will be display on the top right corner inside each stage.

Accessing Material Hunt Maps[ | ]

Material Hunt can be access via Ichijo in DemonSlum with a Hunter pass. Each stage will be rotate daily. Current demon and equipments selected will be used for the stage. All players will join into an open map where more players can join in anytime until the maximum number is reached.