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Open world is a special free-for-all zone where up to 20-40 players can join in. Inside, all demons will be able to kill each other, with unlimited re-spawn. Thus, this is a good area to go and test your demon skill out, or just have fun pvp-ing. There're often random event creep and Raid boss spawning in this area which you can hunt for special event rewards. Purgatory Plain, Purgatory Wall, and Purgatory Gate are open world area in DemonsAreCrazy. Here, event creeps will be spawn where players can hunt for items that can be used to trade for special unique items.

Stage List[ | ]

Level and Exp[ | ]

In openworld mode, all demons starts out at their current level. Killing any demons in this mode will not net player any exp or level. Killing event creeps however, will give you 10%EXP and Copper of their normal value. Raid Boss that is killed also give out exp and drop reward to all player in the whole area.

Accessing Open World Maps[ | ]

Open world can be access via War Chamber's War Altar under purgatory slate. Alternatively, player can exit through south gates from Demon Slum to directly connect to specific open world stages.

Teaming Up with Allies[ | ]

In open world, you can switch or team up with other demons by using the Team Flag items (can be purchased from Item Shop or traded from Event Shop). Each flag color is designated for each team (i.e. using Red Flag item will make you join the red team.) This will make you share exp as well as recieve Raid Boss drop with other demons in that team. For a detail tutorial on how to use Team Flags please visit Team Flags Tutorial.

C flg1 C flg2 C flg3 C flg4 C flg5

Special OPW Events[ | ]

Blood Eclipse

In Game Tutorial[ | ]