DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Pets[ | ]

Purgatory Plain Pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk30 Baby Ekkling Increases EXP gained from combat by 5~10%.
T trk31 Baby FooFoo Add 15~30 water protection.
T trk32 Baby Batling Block 50~100% silence.
T trk33 Baby Dekko Block 50~100% disarm.
T trk34 Baby Corbus Adds 5~10% physical evasion.
T trk35 Baby MotleyEye 25~50% Chance of casting detect when hit by invisible units.
T trk36 Baby Crone Adds 10~20 TAL.
T trk37 Baby Trololo Adds 10~20% chance to block abnormal status.
T trk38 Baby Rhonos Adds 10~20 VIT.
T trk39 Baby Hoof Adds 5~10% MP drain to n.attack.
T trk40 Baby Grimace Adds 5~10% HP drain to n.attack.
T trk41 Baby UnderTaker Add 25~50 HP Regen.
T trk42 Baby Beholder Add 15~30 MP Regen.

Purgatory Desert pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk44 Baby Windie Adds 15~30% wind protection.
T trk45 Baby Solaris Add 15~30 fire protection.
T trk46 Baby Baby Gyps Adds 10~20 DEX.
T trk47 Baby Shirofu Block 30~60% all lock status.
T trk48 Baby Kurofu Block 30~60% all disable status.
T trk49 Baby Crappy Adds 10~20 VIT.
T trk50 Baby Dune Adds 10~20 physical dmg.

Purgatory Cave Pets[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk51 Baby Corona Adds 15~30 poison protection.
T trk52 Baby Nosoi Adds 5~10% magical damage return.
T trk53 Baby Pox Gives 25~50% chance to block poison and venom status.
T trk54 Baby Mysthic Add 15~30 mag dmg.
T trk55 Baby Wisp Add 15~30% healing.
T trk56 Baby Golem Add 15~30% earth protection.
T trk57 Baby Titan Block 15~30 physical damage.

Death City Pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk58 Baby Sword Bone Adds 20~40% accuracy.
T trk59 Baby Pike Bone Adds 5~10% critical rate.
T trk60 Baby Lost Bone Block 20~40 magical damage.
T trk61 Baby Axe Bone Auto-cast +10~20% def (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk62 Baby Knight Bone Auto-cast +10~20% atk (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk63 Baby Mage Bone Auto-cast +10~20% mag (13s) every 60 seconds.
T trk64 Baby Death Knight Block death status by (40~100)%

Devil Pet[ | ]

Icon Name Effect
T trk71 Baby Chef Adds (50-100)% Gluttony and Gigantas set's special power. / EARTH,POISON = 10
T trk72 Baby Amalgator Adds (50-100)% Sloth and Abadon set's special power. / THUNDER,WIND = 10
T trk73 Baby Animus Adds (50-100)% Wrath and Fury set's special power. / FIRE ,ICE = 10
T trk74 Baby Aragnea Adds (50-100)% Envy and Malice set's special power. / WATER,EARTH = 10
T trk75 Baby Luxuria Adds (50-100)% Lust and Lover set's special power. / POISON,THUNDER = 10
T trk76 Baby Diablo Adds (50-100)% Greed and Avarice set's special power. / WIND,WATER = 10
T trk77 Baby Hybris Adds (50-100)% Pride and Exalt set's special power./ LIGHT,DARK = 10

Raid boss pet[ | ]

Icon Name Effect
T trk21 Baby Lycidas Adds (25-50)% beast killer effect.
T trk22 Baby Suriya Adds (25-50)% angel killer effect.
T trk23 Baby Didendum Adds (25-50)% elemental killer effect.
T trk24 Baby Chukwa Adds (25-50)% fish killer effect.
T trk25 Baby Mr.S Adds (25-50)% insect killer effect.
T trk26 Baby Nemesis Adds (25-50)% horror killer effect.
T trk27 Baby Nurse Adds (25-50)% undead killer effect.
T trk28 Baby B-Rex Adds (25-50)% dragon killer effect.
T trk29 Baby Omicron Adds (25-50)% machine killer effect.

Event pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk1 BigBug Balloon Adds 23 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk2 BlueBug Balloon Adds 13 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk6 Tangerine Balloon Adds 5 fire, water, wind, earth, thunder, ice and poison protection.
T trk11 Baby H.Wing Add 7-14% light damage and protection.
T trk12 Baby Mulizard Add 7-14% fire damage and protection.
T trk13 Baby P.Apple Add 7-14% water damage and protection.
T trk14 Baby Koi Add 7-14% wind damage and protection.
T trk15 Baby C.Bud Add 7-14% earth damage and protection.
T trk16 Baby T.Robot Add 7-14% thunder damage and protection.
T trk17 Baby S.Rabbit Add 7-14% ice damage and protection.
T trk18 Baby S.Child Add 7-14% poison damage and protection.
T trk19 Baby Mink Add 7-14% shadow damage and protection.