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Purgatory Plain Pet[ | ]

Icons Name Effects
T trk30 Baby Ekkling Increases EXP gained from combat by 5~10%.
T trk31 Baby FooFoo Add 15~30 water protection.
T trk32 Baby Batling Block 50~100% silence.
T trk33 Baby Dekko Block 50~100% disarm.
T trk34 Baby Corbus Adds 5~10% physical evasion.
T trk35 Baby MotleyEye 25~50% Chance of casting detect when hit by invisible units.
T trk36 Baby Crone Adds 10~20 TAL.
T trk37 Baby Trololo Adds 10~20% chance to block abnormal status.
T trk38 Baby Rhonos Adds 10~20 VIT.
T trk39 Baby Hoof Adds 5~10% MP drain to n.attack.
T trk40 Baby Grimace Adds 5~10% HP drain to n.attack.
T trk41 Baby UnderTaker Add 25~50 HP Regen.
T trk42 Baby Beholder Add 15~30 MP Regen.