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Pride Colosseum was a part of heaven that fell onto hell during the first Armagedon war. The portal connecting to heaven is still not fully closed, and some angels are occasionally found roaming through the gate. Late Satan has declared the realm to torture all caught angels and human egotistical souls. Strange enough, most politicians end up here.



Overview[ | ]


Pride Arena is where players duke it out with full gears and level. Unlike other arena, every demon will start with their current level. They will fight head to head with other team in a 5 rounds battle. The team that to kill all three players on the opponent team will win each round.  The first team that  gain three winning round first, will win gain victory.

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Multi-Round Battle
  • Team: 3 vs 3
  • Objective: First team to win 5 battles win the arena.
  • Time 30 min

Game Play[ | ]

  • Demons will start out with your current level. No experience or money will be gained inside the arena.
  • Pride arena will consist of 5 Battle Rounds. All enemy demons must be eliminated to win each round.
  • Each round has a 4 minutes time limit. The team with a higher count of surviving demons will win the round.
  • If both teams have an equal number of surviving demons, the round will restart without any team gaining any points.

Arena Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B prd1 B prd2 B prd3

Pride Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik27 Holy Weapon Uncommon VIT+8 DEX+8 TAL+8 +13% chance to inflict 6% blind for 13s -
W wik47 Pride Weapon Epic VIT+15 TAL+15 +15% Healing Light
W wik67 Exalt Weapon Legendary VIT+21 TAL+21 +20% Healing Light
A wik47 Pride Armor Rare VIT+20 TAL+20 +20% Healing +35% Light Light Resist
-30% Dark Dark Resist
A wik67 Exalt Weapon Legendary STR+13 VIT+20 DEX+13 TAL+20 +30% Healing +35% Dark Dark Resist
-30% Light Light Resist

Pride Anima[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
Z prd1 Hubris I Rare MHP+150 - +5% Light Light Resist
Z prd2 Hubris I Epic MHP+300 - +10% Light Light Resist
Z prd3 Hubris I Legendary MHP+450 - +15% Light Light Resist
Z prd4 Hubris I Satanic MHP+600 - +20% Light Light Resist

Pride Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M prd1 Angel Tear Taste so sweet, second only to human tear. Pride Arena
M prd2 Angel Feather - Pride Arena
M prd3 Silky Cloth A nude angel is looking for this. Pride Arena
M prd4 Broken Halo Broken but still emit warm light. Pride Arena
M prd5 Weapon Flagment Made in Heaven, super deadly to low-level demon. Pride Arena
M prd6 Holy Eye Angel's eye, make a really good soup ingredient. Pride Arena
M prd7 Gold Nuget Fake gold, very common in Heaven. Pride Arena
M prd8 Holy Locket Special locket commonly own by arch angels. Pride Arena
M prd9 Hubris Seed Rare material that grows in high-ranking demon's heart. Pride Arena

Pride Conquest[ | ]

Play Pride X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play Pride 3 times N sol3 30 souls
Play Pride 6 times I ksh1 x1
Play Pride 13times I evo1 x1
Play Pride 23 times S wep3 Weapon Schema XI x1
Play Pride 33 times N gld5 100 gold
Play Pride 45 times N sol7 70 souls
Play Pride 66 times N gld9 500 gold
Play Pride 99 times T all41 Holy Amulet x1
Play Pride 130 times S wep4 Weapon Schema XVI x1

Win Pride X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Pride 1 times T all8 Regen Ring x1
Win Pride 3 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Pride 6 times I evo1 x1
Win Pride 13 times S arm3 Armors Schema XI x1
Win Pride 23 times N sol5 70 souls
Win Pride 33 times N gld7 200 golds
Win Pride 45 times N sol9 90 souls
Win Pride 66 times T all57 Holy Bangle x1
Win Pride 99 times S arm4 Armors Schema XVI x1

Win Pride X Consecutive Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Pride 2 cons I bls1 x2
Win Pride 3 cons S wep2 Weapon Schema VI x1
Win Pride 4 cons I bls1 x4
Win Pride 5 cons I ksh2 x1
Win Pride 6 cons I bls1 x6
Win Pride 7 cons I ksh2 x2
Win Pride 8 cons I ksh3 x1
Win Pride 9 cons I ksh3 x2

Complete X Pride Quest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Pride Quests N gld4 50 golds
Complete 6 Pride Quests N sol6 60 souls
Complete 9 Pride Quests Z prd1 Hubris I x1
Complete 13 Pride Quests N sol9 90 souls
Complete 17 Pride Quests Z prd2 Hubris II x1
Complete 21 Pride Quests T all41 x1 Holy Amulet
Complete 27 Pride Quests N gld9 500 golds
Complete 33 Pride Quests Z prd3 Hubris III x1
Complete 39 Pride Quests T all57 Holy Bangle x1