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Pride Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B prd1 B prd2 B prd3

Pride Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik27 Holy Weapon Uncommon VIT+8 DEX+8 TAL+8 +13% chance to inflict 6% blind for 13s -
W wik47 Pride Weapon Epic VIT+15 TAL+15 +15% Healing Light
W wik67 Exalt Weapon Legendary VIT+21 TAL+21 +20% Healing Light
A wik47 Pride Armor Rare VIT+20 TAL+20 +20% Healing +35% Light Light Resist
-30% Dark Dark Resist
A wik67 Exalt Weapon Legendary STR+13 VIT+20 DEX+13 TAL+20 +30% Healing +35% Dark Dark Resist
-30% Light Light Resist

Pride Anima[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
Z prd1 Hubris I Rare MHP+150 - +5% Light Light Resist
Z prd2 Hubris I Epic MHP+300 - +10% Light Light Resist
Z prd3 Hubris I Legendary MHP+450 - +15% Light Light Resist
Z prd4 Hubris I Satanic MHP+600 - +20% Light Light Resist

Pride Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M prd1 Angel Tear Taste so sweet, second only to human tear. Pride Arena
M prd2 Angel Feather - Pride Arena
M prd3 Silky Cloth A nude angel is looking for this. Pride Arena
M prd4 Broken Halo Broken but still emit warm light. Pride Arena
M prd5 Weapon Flagment Made in Heaven, super deadly to low-level demon. Pride Arena
M prd6 Holy Eye Angel's eye, make a really good soup ingredient. Pride Arena
M prd7 Gold Nuget Fake gold, very common in Heaven. Pride Arena
M prd8 Holy Locket Special locket commonly own by arch angels. Pride Arena
M prd9 Hubris Seed Rare material that grows in high-ranking demon's heart. Pride Arena