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Quest & Conquest are mission base objectives that will reward you with souls and various items once you fulfill their requirements. Quests are repeatable objective that will be reset daily or weekly. Conquests on the other hand, are objectives that you can do only once. Please note that Quest and Conquest are the only way you can gain souls to reach a new player rank.


Quests[ | ]

Daily Quest are mission that help you gain some rewards by completing various objectives. Quests devided to two parts (Daily and Weekly) that will be cycled every day or week. So don't forget to check your quest every day.
- Quest list.

Conquest[ | ]

Conquests are series of objectives that you can only do it once. They often comes with special limited reward associate with the requirement. (For example, you can get various rarity of gluttony animas from gluttony conquest.) Once the conquest is done, it is moved to the completed conquest list and you can never recieve its reward again. So please be caution not to throw away any limited reward from conquests.

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Job Board[ | ]

Job Board are side quests that you can do to get extra rewards. You can check and complete your quests at the Hawling Hell Bar in Demon Slum.

Job Board

Four Main Jobs[ | ]

  • 1st Job - OPW Creeps Hunt
  • 2nd Job - Materials Collection; can be obtained from the Open Hunt
  • 3rd Job - Relight Skull Altars
  • 4th Job - Currently Unavailable.

In-game Tutorials[ | ]