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Overview[ | ]

Raganaut, a fiery titan, has been chained to atone for his rampage for thousands of years. However, after Satan's missing, his chains have weakened. Take down Raganaut to put an end to its rage.

  • Type: Trail Boss Campaign
  • Team: 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat Raganaut.
  • Reward Material: M cmp3 Raganuat Core x1

Map[ | ]


Gameplay[ | ]

  • Raganaut will start out with being imprisoned, and will retaliate any of your attack.
  • When Raganaut's HP falls to 80%, he will break his chains and start attacking.
  • Once his HP reaches 40%, Raganaut will enter his enraged form. It will deal higher damage and summon 4 Magmatos.
  • Raganaut often puts phyUp and defUp buffs on himself. Make sure you clear them as soon as possible.

Boss Details[ | ]

Raganaut[ | ]


The giant lava titan that was imprisoned by the late Satan for his rage.

  • Race: Elemetals
  • Level: 200
  • EXP: 400
  • Copper: 800

Basic Stats[ | ]

80,000 400 100 400
400 8000 130 180
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light - Fire 45 Wind - Water -45
Earth 25 Thunder - Ice -25 Poison-25 Dark -
  • Immune to all disability

Abilities[ | ]

  • Chain Break - Break its imprisoned chain and start attacking.
  • Normal Attack - Deal STR(1) Earth earth dmg.
  • Cannon Smash - Deal STR(2) FireEarth fire/earth dmg in a line.
  • After Smite - Deal STR(1.3) Fire fire dmg and 2x TAL(230) fire mag.dmg at target's feet.
  • Flame Scar - Fire projectile along the ground, dealing TAL(130) fire eff.dmg along its path.
  • Volcanic Eruption - Summon 20x fire meteors from the sky, each dealing TAL(300) FireEarth fire/earth mag.dmg.
  • Enrage - Transform into its final raging form, increasing all its attack. Also add phyUp and defUp and summon 4 Magmatos.

Raganaut Conquest[ | ]

Quest Reward
Win Noobic Raganaut Troup 1 times N sol3 30 souls
Win Noobic+ Raganaut Troup 3 times N gld8 300 golds
Win Humanic Raganaut Troup 1 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Humanic+ Raganaut Troup 4 times Z rag1 Fiery Rage I x1
Win Demonic Raganaut Troup 1 times N sol7 70 souls
Win Demonic+ Raganaut Troup 5 times Z rag2 Fiery RageII x1
Win Satanic Raganaut Troup 1 times N sol9 90 souls
Win Satanic+ Raganaut Troup 6 times Z rag3 Fiery RageIII x1