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"Ranking Challenge" is a special campaign which will come every two week with new stage/bosses scoring condition. The top player of each event will receive new key item call "king coin" which players can trade them for special satanic accessories from Collecter Shop at Purgatory Gate. (Reward will be distribute out at the end of each event.)

to get high score, players will be scored base on the following category:

- Damage - deal as much damage as possible to monster.

- Defense - receive as little damage as possible.

- Time - clear the stage as fast as possible.

- Special - get special score for completing map's objective.

(Higher difficulty will give better score.)

Ranking Reward list[ | ]

rank reward
1st K rkc1 KingCoin x5
2nd-5th K rkc1 KingCoin x3
6th-29th K rkc1 KingCoin x2
30th-99th K rkc1 KingCoin x1

Special Reward list for RunningDead event[ | ]

rank reward extra reward
1st K rkc1 KingCoin x5 Z sen4x1
2nd-5th K rkc1 KingCoin x4 Z sen3x1
6th-13th K rkc1 KingCoin x3 Z sen2x1
14th-25th K rkc1 KingCoin x2 Z sen1x1
26th-40th K rkc1 KingCoin x1 C slp2 x23
41st-60th K rkc1 KingCoin x1 C slp1 x33
61st-100th - C slp1 x23

(**reward list for RunningDead event - 23rd Sep~3rd Oct 2022**)

Special Reward list for Halloween event[ | ]

rank reward
1st K rkc1 KingCoin x7
2nd-5th K rkc1 KingCoin x5
6th-29th K rkc1 KingCoin x4
30th-99th K rkc1 KingCoin x3
100th+ K rkc1 KingCoin x1

(**reward list for Halloween event - 22nd-29th Oct 2021**)

Special Reward list for Floral event[ | ]

rank reward
1st T trk73 Baby D.Sprout IV
2nd-5th T trk71 Baby L.Bud III
6th-29th T trk72 Baby S.Child II

(**reward list for current event - 19nd-26th Nov 2021**)