DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Feeling the hype? Well, you can register for arenas as well as join campaigns and dungeons directly from the recruit board. Saves your time, gives you convenient access, and super easy to find parties!


Signing Up for Arenas[ | ]

When you sign up for an arena, the number of players that also have done so will show up at the upper right corner. To invite your friends to join your hosted room, use the ‘Team Manage’ option, then the ‘Invite’ icon. On the other hand, when an invitation appears, you can choose to press ‘Y’ to accept, or ‘N’ to decline. Use the recruit board to not miss any chances in missions!

Access to your Parties immediately![ | ]

Use the Arena List, Campaign, or Dungeon tab to search for active rooms and immediately join missions without the need to travel to the War Chamber or the Dungeon Gate. Easy peasy!