DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Rodeobob Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
CoinSmack CoinSmack Native Deal STR(1.5) with normal attack, stealing 10 copper from target demon.
GatlingGun GatlingGun Native Deal continuous non-crit STR(0.7) dmg every 0.2s with charge attack.
HorsePower HorsePower Native Passively add 100 SP regen when not exhasted.
Plunder Plunder Native Increases copper received from killing by 15%.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Reload Reload Active Instantly restore LVL(40-100)% MSP and LVL(13-23)% MMP.
DropDynamite DropDynamite Active Drop dynamaites in a line, dealing 5xTAL(130~200)[earth] dmg to enemies. SP(3)
ElJalapeno ElJalapeno Active Create 3 chillies that restore LVL(100-150) HP and LVL(30-45) MP to allies.
CasaDeLocos CasaDeLocos Active Throw out a lot of bombs, dealing 12xTAL(130-200) [earth] dmg.
CratesOfKaboom Active Plant a pile of bombs dealing 2x TAL(600~900) [earth] true dmg to all after 13s.
BombShrapnel BombShrapnel Active Increase explosives' range by LVL(25~50)% and add LVL(23~33)% def down.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
BanditsWall BanditsWall Active Construct a temporary wall that last 3 seconds and restore HLG(50-75)HP.
ExplosiveKit ExplosiveKit Active Plant an explosive on a target dealing TAL(130~200) [earth] fld.dmg to all after 6 sec.
ElHanabero ElHanabero Active Create 3 chilies that increase allies' ATK and speed by LVL(15-23)% for 6 sec.
HighwayRobbery HighwayRobbery Active Send out a cactus that steals (10) copper/hit and explodes for TAL(200~300)fld.dmg
OverClock Active Tempory increases normal attack fire rate by (50~100)% for 6 sec. CD(30)
VivaLaCactas VivaLaCactas Active Summon cacti army, dealing 30x TAL(13~20) [earth] eff.dmg to random enemies in 13s.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
DemolitionCharge DemolitionCharge Active Plant a tnt, dealing TAL(200~300) dmg to all (x2 to structures) after 3 sec (max 4xTNT).
RidingShotgun RidingShotgun Active Change normal attack to shotgun for (13)s, dealing STR(1~1.5) crit dmg.
ElPiquin ElPiquin Active Create 3 chilies that give ally temporary blend status for LVL(8~13) sec.
RemoteTrigger RemoteTrigger Active Delay all planted bombs by 66s and detonate them in LVL(6~1)s with this skill.
SuperReload SuperReload Active Instantly reset all other skill cool down. Self cooldown equals LVL(30~15)s.
BraveGunner BraveGunner Passive Passively give C.Attack LVL(15~23)% chance to crit when standing still.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SoulRobbery SoulRobbery Active Give n.Attack a LVL(50~100)% chance to steal 1 OS from hit for 13s.
Bomb Heist Bomb Heist Active Jump backward, planting bombs that deal 6xTAL(300-600) [earth] f.dmg after 2s.
ElDiablo ElDiablo Active Create 3 legendary fruits that give LVL(50~100)% ATK for 6s but reduce DEF by the same amount.
DueloAMuerte Active Deals non-crit 60xSTR(1.0~2.0) dmg at screen target in 13s.
Desperado Active Increase phy.dmg by LVL(100~200)% for 13s then self-explode, dealing LVL(500~1000)% of HP as [earth] fld.dmg.
BellaCiao BellaCiao Active Make up to 6 allies explode upon death or after 30s, each dealing TAL(666~1300) [earth] true dmg.