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Sarukabonsho. ภาษาไทย

Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Open Arena
  • Mode: Free for all
  • Team: None
  • Objective: Kill as much demons as possible.
  • Time 60 min

Main Objective[ | ]

Eliminate as much enemies as possible for stage rewards : Saruka Box (Can be stacked up to a maximum of 5 per round.)

Arena Basics[ | ]

- This open arena is a "Free For All" mode so basically everyone you see is your enemy, so gotta kill em all!

- All players will a fixed level of 13. Your level will not increase with enemy kills.

- First successful kill will grant you 1 Sakura box as a reward. You will also receive 1 box for the next 3 consecutive kills. ( Max 5 boxes)

- Players must also have to "Last Shot" a kill in order to obtain score. You will not gain score with assist.

- You will have 5 lives indicated by 5 heart icons at the top right corner. Once all lives are used up, game is over.

- If less than 3 players are in the open arena, AIs will spawn randomly. You will receive event items instead of open arena boxes for eliminating them.

- Bonsho Bell in the center will grant the user to "Silence" all enemies in the map and regen some of user's mp.

- There are several Power Runes across the map. You can use them to enhance your demon with various abilites.

- Summon skills are not usable in this mode.

Tips[ | ]

Use the arena tools, Bonsho Bell and Power Runes, to gain maximum advantage over your enemies! Also, try to sneak in when players are fighing, since Last Shot gives you your arena rewards.