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Skill Altar[ | ]

Skill altar is where demons can manage their skills build, as well as upgrading new ones.

Skill Panel[ | ]

Skill manage page

All stats and current skills including native skills are listed here on the first page. To go to demon's skill tree, simply choose your current skills or use the Edit skill button.

There are several ways that you can gain experience points in order to level up and unlock new skills. The most common way is to hunt any monsters in Open World for easy EXP. Also, you can run arenas or campaigns for high EXP points at the end of the mission or you can use Blood Stone to earn 200 EXP.

Skill Tree[ | ]

Skill Tree

Skill tree is where you select and upgrade skills. You can select one skill from each column to be used on its corresponding slot.

Demons also get 1 skill point every level after level 7. You can use this skill point and to unlock the next tier skills, or upgrade your current skill to a higher level (max 3 level/stars).

Each time you upgrade skills, it will consume 1000 silver to 3000 silver according to to the Skill Tier. Higher skill tier will require more silver. This will not be refunded even though you have reskilled.

Each skill has level requirement for upgrading that skill such as ; Killjoy's skill : UpsideDown UpsideDown require level 13 to upgrade.

Tier 2 skills of each row will only be unlocked when Tier 1 skill of the corresponding row has been upgraded to level 2. This goes the same for Tier 3 skills. They will only be unlocked when Tier 2 skills of that row is upgraded to level 2.

Resetting skills[ | ]

You can reset your skills by pressing on Reskill Button at the skill panel. (requires one I evo1Evil Orb ). You can acquire Evil Orbs at the event shop.

In Game Tutorial[ | ]