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Sloth Reward[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M slt1 Rusty Screw Old and worn out screw that can easily give any one tetanus. Sloth Factory
M slt2 Bloody Bandage A roll of bondage that is soaked with identified blood. Sloth Factory
M slt3 Metal Scrap Pile of used scrap metals that is a good source of iron. Sloth Factory
M slt4 Tentacle A piece of cut-out tentacle that still wiggle now and then. Sloth Factory
M slt5 Disease Needle A syringe that are used by multiple infected patients. Super deadly. Sloth Factory
M slt6 Nickle Battery A battery from an ancient technology. Last only about an hour. Sloth Factory
M slt7 Bio Mass A living sloppy joe of organic meats. Very delicious. Sloth Factory
M slt8 Eternal Motor A perpetual motor that draws energy from nearby souls. Sloth Factory
M slt9 Mutant Embryo Hell's crown achievement, a super hero cell that someday will replace god. Sloth Factory