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Special Event Campaign[ | ]

Event campaigns are time specific that comes and go with event period.

Anti-VaxEscape Anti-Vax Escape
  • Team: Single Player
  • Objective: Help Aeonium escape from the vaccines.
LunarNewYear Lunar New Year
  • Team: Single Players
  • Objective: Collect angpao monet without killing anyone.
ChocoHeart Choco Heart
  • Team: 2 Players
  • Objective: Collect chocollete from the monsters.
MaraFanClub Mara_Fan_Club
  • Team: Single Players
  • Objective: Answer the questions about Mara.
MenaFanClub Mena_Fan_Club
  • Team: Single Players
  • Objective: Answer the questions about Menalisa.
CottonMarch CottonMarch
  • Team: 3 Players
  • Objective: defend the ancient forest from fluffy attack!
SurferParadise SurferParadise
  • Team: 1 Player
  • Objective: Win the surfer race.
SummerNightTerror SummerNightTerror
  • Team: - 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat 100 sharks.
FirstWhaleShrine FirstWhaleShrine
  • Team: 4 Players
  • Objective: Defeat the first whale.
WitchHunting Witch Hunting
  • Team: 4 Players
  • Objective: Witch hunt and find their original source.
RunningDeads Running Deads
  • Team: 3 Players
  • Objective: Protext human and defeat 100 zombies.
ScornOfXmas ScornOfXmas
  • Team: 5 Players
  • Objective: Defeat the Rudolph.
HellsFireworks Hells Fire works
  • Team: Single Players
  • Objective: Shoot down all the angels with fireworks.