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Overview[ | ]

Steve's Cart is an exploration campaign where demons help defend Steve during his delivery of his apple products. Kill all thieves that are in Steve's way for massive amount of exp and silver!

  • Type: Campaign
  • Team: 4 Players
  • Objective: Defend Steve till the end of the path.
  • Item Reward M xpl3 Talking iApple x 1-3

Map[ | ]


Gameplay[ | ]

- The objective is to protect steve from thieves until the he reaches the slum's bridge.

- You can also kill monsters along the way for exp and silver. All exp and silver received in the campaign will be added to your demon after completing the mission.

- Higher difficulty gives out higher exp and silver for each monster killed.

- All monsters will spawn 3 times. You can kill them and loop around for extra exp.

Conquest[ | ]

Quest Reward
Win Noobic Steve's Cart 1 time N sol3 30 souls
Win Noobic+ Steve's Cart 3 times N sol440 souls
Win Humanic Steve's Cart 1 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Humanic+ Steve's Cart 4 times N sol6 60 souls
Win Demonic Steve's Cart 1 times N sol7 70 souls
Win Demonic+ Steve's Cart 5 times N sol880 souls
Win Satanic Steve's Cart 1 times N sol9 90 souls
Win Satanic+ Steve's Cart 6 times I ksm1Kosmos x1