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Story Mode is a game mode that let you explore the background stories of each demon character as well as their progress in the Satanic Election. While there are many overlapping stories between demons, each demon's story contains in their own timeline and may differ from other's.


Main Background Story[ | ]

Satan, who has been ruling the underworld since the beginning of time, has one day vanished without a trace. Due to his enormous omni-power, his missing presence can be felt through out the underworld. Even though, his disappearance's reason has been kept as the State secret, all demons knows and accept by their instinct that their Hell King is already dead.

Demon Story[ | ]

Demons Chapter1 Chapter2 Chapter3 Chapter4 Chapter5
Wiktor Mechanized Zombie Zombie with no ID - -
Menalisa Romance Witch - - -
Xun Wu Monkey King - - -
Fay Spell Wizard - - -

Accessing Story mode[ | ]

Player can access Story mode via Soul Tower > Archive > Mysterious Orb.