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Summer Box (Coconut) is a special gift from the Summer Event. You can throw it into the Flame Altar for random summer rewards. This item can be traded with Chulette at the event shop in exchange.

I smb1

Rewards Chance[ | ]

Item Chance
C sgk1 x20 Water Balloon 15%
C sgk2 x10 Water Dipper 15%
C sgk3 x5 Water Gun 15%
Z sum1 Summer Anima I 10%
Z sum2 Summer Anima II 5%
A wik15 Summer Costume 17%
A wik15 Zurfer Costume 13%
T trk8 Baby Melom 6%
T trk13 Baby PyeApple 4%

** Summer/Zurfer Costume will randomly pick one from 18 Demons.**