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Throne room

Throne Room is the highest floor in soul tower where late satan rules the underworld. One day he disappeared and leftover only the empty throne here.

Lord Judge[ | ]

The second in command in the underworld, lord Judge is the one who give the final decision on all hellish matters. While he mostly remains in the shadow, his power is second to none, except for the late Satan.

Lord Judge is the one who gives rewards to players when they complete any stage.

Quest/Conquest (Throne)[ | ]

The empty throne that waiting for the new Satan. Players can see their own basic information here such as In-game name/Guild/Rank and Stat. Quest and Conquest are also found here. So don't forget to visit the throne and do the quests for your fame.

  • Quest - a time-limited mission that devided to two parts (Daily and Weekly) that will be cycled every day or week.
  • Conquest - series of objectives that you can only do it only once.
  • Completed - list of the completed conquest.

Ranking (Quester)[ | ]

Quester demion that always busy with his hell's documentary. Players can talk to him to check PVP ranking, Event ranking or ranking rewards list.

  • PVP ranking - ranking that gain from wining any PVP match (Open arena also count as PVP match)
  • Event ranking - special rank that relate with the current event(challenge) such as Guild Challenge, Ranking Challenge.
  • Reward list - the list that shows the amount of rewards players will get if they reach a certain rank at the end of the week.


  1. Practice arena gives less PVP ranking when players reach the higher player rank.
  2. Event ranking may not available in some patch that don't have any challenge.
  3. Players will receive weekly ranking rewards via mailbox after weekly server maintenance is finished.

In Game Gallery[ | ]