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Throw Hammer is one of Amy's skills. Alternate of Lay on Paw & Grand Swing. Second Column Spell, First Row Skill.

Basic Summary[ | ]

Image Type Description
ThrowHammer Active Throw a boomerang hammer that deals STR(0.8~1.0) + TAL(30~45) [light] dmg in its path.

Description[ | ]

This skill throw an hammer that will pierce through ennemies, and come back to position where Amy launched it. It will stay a little moment at the maximum distance before returning. The maximum distance depend at which point you aim far. The hammer does light damages only.

The projectile can be aimed in any direction. If an target is locked, the launch option will be automatically on this ennemy.

This skill has 21 seconds cooldown.

Visual[ | ]

Levels[ | ]

Level Strengh Damage Implication Talent Damage Implication Stamina Cost Mana Cost
1 0.8X 30 3 35
2 0.8X 33 3 38
3 0.8X 36