DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

Tiamat Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
AbysmalClaw AbysmalClaw Native Enable n.attack deal STR(1.0) with 23% chance to inflect 6s breed.
DarkFire DarkFire Native Deal TAL(60) [fire][dark] m.dmg with c.attack and inflict TAL(6) burn.
OnyxDragon OnyxDragon Native Block dmg equal to Tiamat's level. Add 20% [light] def but reduce 20% [ice] def.
EyeOfTheAbyss EyeOfTheAbyss Native Enable Tiamat to cast spells with no casting time but disable walk and reduce movement speed.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
BlackBurn BlackBurn Active Curse target with torment status dealing TAL(13~20) e.dmg over 13s.
DrainCurse DrainCurse Active Drain TAL(13~20) HP with [dark] e.dmg from a single target over 23s.
ChaosBombs ChaosBombs Active Fire 5x gravity bombs in front, dealing MAG(230~345) mag.dmg with 33% chance to silence for 6s.
AbyssalChains AbyssalChains Active Summons 5 chains, each dealing TAL(75~113) [dark] mag.dmg and reduce 10% [dark] def (stack to 40%).
BottomlessPit BottomlessPit Active Channel a vortex dealing 2xTAL(150~230) [dark] mag.dmg/s, reduces speed and pulls enemies toward Tiamat.
GravityCrush GravityCrush Active Cast a black-hole that deals [dark] effect dmg equal to LVL(40~60)% of target's current HP (max TAL(600~900).)

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SinkingNether SinkingNether Active Drain TAL(66~100) HP with [dark] e.dmg and reduce [dark] by 23% for 13s.
SummonDarklings SummonDarklings Active Summon two Dgons that with LVL(100~150)% stats plus Tiamat's level.
ManaLeech ManaLeech Active Drain TAL(6~13) MP with [dark] e.dmg from a single target over 23s.
MightDissolve MightDissolve Active Instantly reduce target STR by LVL(50~75)% or Max TAL(60~90) STR for 13s.
BlackChasm BlackChasm Active Channel a pit that deal TAL(90~135) [dark] mag.dmg reduce speed on a single target.
DepthOfBarathrum DepthOfBarathrum Passive Return LVL(10~15)% of Tiamat's HP and MP every time Tiamat cast a spell.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
PrisonChains PrisonChains Active Lock target enemy and reduce its VIT by LVL(23~33)% for LVL(13~23)s (half for demons.)
DarkVoid DarkVoid Active Instantly reduce all target Stats by LVL(20-40)% (or Max TAL(30-60) for 13s.
SummonDarklings Summon Darklings Active Summon a Wvern with level 66~130 for 300s.
AllEffect All Effect Active Gives self and demon allies a LVL(25-50)% EFF boost for 60s
SummonTyrannos Summon Tyrannos Active Use all MP to summon Tyrannos from the abyss, dealing 6xTAL(666~1300) [fire][dark] fld.dmg to all.