DemonsAreCrazy Wiki



Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Open Arena
  • Mode: Parkour
  • Team: None
  • Objective: Get to the finish line.
  • Time 13 min

Main Objective[ | ]

Get to the finish line within the time limit for stage rewards: Trap Runner Box (Can be stacked up to a maximum of 5 per round.)

Arena Basics[ | ]

- This open arena is a Parkour mode where you have to go though loads of platforms, traps and mazes. Reach the finish line to get your stage rewards.

- You will unlimited lives but a time limit of 13 mins. Once time is out, game is over. You will receive rewards according to your latest checkpoint reached.

- There are a total of 5 checkpoints in the map. You will receive an increasing number of event items for each checkpoint reached as follows:

  • Checkpoint 1 : 1 event item
  • Check point 2 : 3 event items
  • Check point 3 : 5 event items
  • Checkpoint 4 : 7 event items
  • Checkpoint 5 : 9 event items and 5 Trap runner Boxes

- All players will a fixed level of 13. Your level will not increase with enemy kills.

- Summon skills are not usable in this mode.

Tips[ | ]

Each checkpoint has different patterns of puzzles and types of platforms. Try to be familiar by memorizing each area's pattern.