DemonsAreCrazy Wiki

TrothSkills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
DeathScarab DeathScarab Native Deal STR 1 dmg with inverse distance and prevent SP regen for 1s.
SummonerMark SummonerMark Native Order all summons to attack or move to designated target with c.attackaction
SummonMastery SummonMastery Native Passively scale all his summons stat with half of Troth's level.
GodOfNile GodOfNile Native Add 30% extra damage dealt to undeads.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
ForbiddenSanctuary ForbiddenSanctuary Active Deals [light] TAL(200~300) mag.dmg to enemies or heals allies for HLG(200~300) in target area.
SummonWalker SummonWalker Active Summon 4x slave mummies that deal [earth] dmg with LVL(100~150)% stats.
SummonWatcher SummonWatcher Active Summon 2x watcher mummies that deal [light] mag.dmg with LVL(100~150)% stats.
DeadShackle DeadShackle Active Summon a graveyard that interrupt movements and deal 5xTal(75~113) [earth] mag.dmg.
RoyalTomb RoyalTomb Active Summon a Pharaoh's tomb with LVL(2000~3000) HP that absorb 90% dmg from allies.
DoomObelisk DoomObelisk Active Summon an obelisk with LVL(2400~3000) MHP that deals [dark] dmg to random enemy demon.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SearingLight SearingLight Active Deals 2xTAL(130~200) [light] mag.dmg to target and destroy 3 SP of dmg.
UnholyStrength UnholyStrength Active Enlarge target ally and add STR and VIT by Troth's lv + LVL(13~23) (double for summon) for 30s.
SongOfBastet SongOfBastet Active Heal HLG(100~150) HP and increase aliies' ATK and SPD by (15~20)% for 30s (double for summons.)
Entomb Entomb Active Trap enemy in time, rendering it immobilized and immune to all dmg for LVL(6~9)s.
Resurrection Resurrection Active Cast status that auto-revive LVL(35~50)% HP to target ally within 90 seconds (double for summons.)
SummonImmortal SummonImmortal Active Summon an immortal with LVL(4000~6000) MHP, dealing [earth] dmg with cripple effect.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Illuminate Illuminate Active Gradually return LVL(40~60)% of MHP, MMP and MSP to target ally over 60s.
SummonScarab SummonScarab Active Summon 3 scarab that explode upon contact with enemy with LVL(100~150) [earth] dmg.
CursedPillar CursedPillar Active Create a cursed field that reduce all enemies' ATK and MAG by LVL(23~33)% for 30s.
SummonRoyalGuard SummonRoyalGuard Active Summon's Troth's 2x personal guards with LVL(100~150)% stats.
DeadCatacomb DeadCatacomb Passive Increase numbers of summons: 7x Walker, 4x Watcher, 6x Scarab, 3x RoyalGuard, 2x Immortal ).
CallOfQlwpdrt CallOfQlwpdrt Active Summon a goddess that heals allies (no structure) in 23m for HLG(80~120) HP every 1s.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
GleamingDelta GleamingDelta Active Deals 3xTAL(130~200) [light] mag.dmg, destroy 50% SP and inflict NoStamina for 6s.
BrandingSeal BrandingSeal Active Extend all basic-stat buffs and debuffs to LVL(66~130)s. (Double stat values on owner's summons)
ImperialLight ImperialLight Active Increase all allies' (no self) phyUp and defUp by LVL(50~100) for 13s
CrownOfOsiris ReignOfOsiris Active Cast auto-revive with LVL(50~100)% HP to all demon allies within 130 seconds.