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Tsukuyomi Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
MoonSlice MoonSlice Native Deal STR 0.66 and 13% drain mp with normal attack.
MoonCircle MoonCircle Native Throw out boomerang blade dealing STR 1 dmg with c.attack.
FloatingMoon FloatingMoon Native Gives Tsukuyomi high jump ability and enable her to perform mid-air attack.
Bluemoon BlueMoon Native Passively gives Tsukuyomi 30 light and dark protection.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SpinningEdge SpinningEdge Active Throw her blade forward dealing STR(0.66~1.0) + TAL(66~100) [light] [dark] dmg.
MoonPhase MoonPhase Active Temporary gives Tsukuyomi LVL(75~100)% chance to evade magical and effect damage.
MpSwap MpSwap Active Swap Tsukuyomi's current MP ratio with target. (Max LVL(66~100)% of current MMP).
LunarPetals LunarPetals Active Throw out five spinning blade each dealing STR(1.0~1.5) + TAL(50~75) [light] [dark] dmg.
FullMoon FullMoon Active Dispel all magical debuff and Completely heal self by LVL(66~100)% MHP and MMP.
DarkPhase DarkPhase Active Make n.attack deals LVL(130~200)% of target's missing MP as [dark] e.dmg for 13s. (Max LVL(130~200)% MMP.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
KabukiBlade KabukiBlade Active Perform a blade dance, dealing 6xSTR(1.3~2.0) dmg with TAL(10~15) mp destroy.
WaxingMoon WaxingMoon Active Deals STR(2.0~3.0) + TAL(100~150) [light] dmg, reduce 23% [dark] def with 33% 6s sleep.
WaningMoon WaningMoon Active Deal STR(1.0~1.5) + TAL(200~300) [dark] mag.dmg, reduce 23% [light] def with 23% 6s nightmare.
SummonOkami SummonOkami Active Summon 2 Okami with LVL(100~150)% stats + 2x owner's lv with 13% MP drain.
ToriiGate ToriiGate Active Summon a gate that repels mag.dmg for allies for LVL(5~10)s, and reduce LVL(20~30)% mag.dmg for 30s afterward.
OriginalInari OriginalInari Passive Increase [light] and [dark] protection by 15% and return LVL(33~50%) of damage dealt to Tsukuyomi after 6s.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Triple Moon Falls TripleMoonfalls Active Deals 3xSTR({4.0~8.0) with TAL(20~40) mp destroy.
MoonReflection MoonReflection Active Put an enemy into a deep sleep for LVL(30~60)s with TAL(50~100) resist. (Half for demon.)
ThousandMoons ThousandMoons Active Jump and throw 10 spinning blades, each dealing STR(2.0~4.0) + TAL(100~400) [light]/[dark] dmg.
File:Lunar Cycle.png LunarCycle Active Deal 6xSTR(1.0~2.0) + LVL(300~600)% of target's missing MP as eff.dmg.
AllEvasion AllEvasion Active Gives self and demon allies a LVL(25~50)% Evasion boost for 60s
MatsuriBonsho MatsuriBonsho Passive Summon a great festival bell that inflicts 2s silence and destroy TAL(30~60) MP every 6s for 60s.