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Urion Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
DarkPriest DarkPriest Native Enable normal attack to deal STR(0.5) healing damage.
HealingBolt HealingBolt Native Enable Urion to heal target with his charge attack by STR(0.3).
OverlapCast OverlapCast Native Give Urion 33% chance to use his skill without any cool down.
LifeCovenant LifeCovenant Native Give Urion 45% dark protection and auto heal 5% of his MHP every 13s.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
LifeZap LifeZap Active Zap target with LVL(10~15)% of its HP as mag.dmg (max TAL(130~200).
HealingBlast HealingBlast Active Fire a healing blast that heal allies for HLG(130~200) hp in 8m area.
ProtectionBubble ProtectionBubble Active Cast a projectiles barrier that add LVL(33~50)% DEF for 13s and deals TAL(200~300) e.dmg to summons.
Purify Purify Active Remove all target buffs and debuffs and prevent new ones for LVL(5~15)s.MP(45)
OverHeal OverHeal Active Cast a spell that deal HLG(200~300) healing mag.dmg to target enemy (ignore DEF.)
ReverseDamage ReverseDamage Active Give target a status that reverse LVL(33~50)% phy and mag dmg into healing for LVL(8~13)s.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
BloodRite BloodRite Active Deal (15~23)% of Unrion's MHP as [dark] effect dmg to Urion and one target enemy.
DarkRitual DarkRitual Active Reduce target's ATK by LVL(23~33)% and increase Urion's ATK by LVL(50~100)% for 13s.
MultiHeal MultiHeal Active Randomly heal four allies (no self) for HLG(200~300) HP and HLG(23~33) MP.
BadSlumber BadSlumber Active Inflict nightmare with TAL(20~30)s [dark] dmg on a single enemy target for LVL 6s.
DarkBenediction DarkBenediction Active UrionSkill_25", "Give other demon allies LVL(90~130) TAL and increase their dark resist by LVL(30~60)% for 30s.
SoulSacrifice SoulSacrifice Active Deal healing as HLG(450~666) eff.dmg to target ally and restore it to all other demon allies' HP.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
BlackPrayer BlackPrayer Active Add [dark] to ally's n.attack and increase its [dark] dmg by LVL(33-66)% for 13s.
ReversingBolt ReversingBolt Active Change c.Attack to deal STR(3.0~6.0) as healing dmg for 23s.
CircleOfBalance CircleOfBalance Active Set the target demon's and its demon allies' HP in LVL(33-133)m to Urion's current HP.
Nocturne Nocturne Active Reduce all enemies's healing by LVL(50~100)% in 130m range while channeling.
AllRestoration AllRestoration Active Gives self and demon allies a LVL(25-50)% HLG boost for 60s