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VerinSkills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FrostKnuckle FrostKnuckle Native Deal STR(1.0) with n.attack and STR(0.6) with w.attack and add 13% frost.
ChargedKnuckle ChargedKnuckle Native Deal 3xSTR(2) with c.attack and 23% chance to inflict frost.
Footwork Footwork Native Side step with double tapping movement button, evade phy.dmg and remove any lock status.
IceDemon IceDemon Native Add 25% [ice] protection and immunity to frost and ice status.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
IceGuard IceGuard Active Give Verin or target ally an ice shield that absorb HLG(200~300) dmg for 30s.
IceSpear IceSpear Active Cast ice spears that deal 3xTAL(100~150) [ice] mag.dmg and inflict 3s ice.
HailsFury HailsFury Active Perform a quick set of pummel punches, dealing 9xSTR(0.66~1.0) + TAL(33~50) [wind]/[ice] dmg.
AbsoluteZero AbsoluteZero Active Cast an freezing spell that deal TAL(333~500) [ice] dmg. Debuff slow 6s
MirrorImages MirrorImages Active Create two mirage of Verin that clone all his physical attack with LVL(50~100)% dmg.
DevilCyclone DevilCyclone Active Cast a homing cyclone dealing TAL(130~200) [wind]/[ice] m.dmg per sec. (Max TAL(666-999) dmg.)

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FrostArmor FrostArmor Active Give target LVL(33~50)% DEF and ice def for 30s and 23% chance to freeze attacker.
CrossCounter CrossCounter Active Evade and deal STR(2.0~3.0) dmg and 10 ko, reduce LVL(20~30)% DEF for 13s.
FrostNova FrostNova Active Deals TAL(100~150) [ice] dmg and freeze all nearby targets for 4s.
NorthernGale NorthernGale Active Enable Verin to strike distance target with his quick attack for LVL(10~15)s.
FrozenCatastrophe FrozenCatastrophe Active Channel and deal up to 100-400% TAL(230~350) [ice] dmg in wide the area.
IceAge Ice Age Passive Increase frost chance by (50~100)% and give them extra TAL(33~50) [ice] e.dmg.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FrostBite FrostBite Active Slow target and reduce [ice] protection by LVL(33~50)% for 6s.
FrostJavelin FrostJavelin Active Throw a jevalin that deals STR(1.3~2.0) +TAL(130~200) [ice] mag.dmg and freeze enemy in place.
IceHurricane IceHurricane Active Cast a hurricane dealing STR(0.5~0.75) +TAL(66~100) [wind]/[ice] mag dmg. (Max TAL(666~999 dmg.)
ReflectMagic ReflectMagic Active Cast a spell that reflect back all LVL(66~100)% magic damage back to its caster for 15s.
RollingCombo RollingCombo Active Perform a 17-hit combo, dealing STR(0.66~1.0) dmg with 10% increase to each hit and evade all phy.dmg.
Victorypunch VictoryPunch Active Increase Charged Knuckle maximum dmg and chance to inflict frost by LVL(400~600)%.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Icehammer Ice Hammer Active Call out falling iceburgs, each dealing TAL(200~400) [ice] phy.dmg with LVL(20~40) KO.
Unnamed (5) Ice Rain Active Channel ice rain toward one enemy, dealing 30xTAL(125~250) ice mag.dmg.
Frostarmy FrostArmy Active Add [ice] and HLG(200-400) HP IceGuard to demon allies. Increase their [ice] dmg by (20-40)% for 30s.
DoppleGanger2 DoupleGanger Active If hit, inflicts ice and deals 21x STR(1.0~2.0) phy and 1x TAL(1200~2400) [ice] mag.dmg.
WorldFreeze WorldFreeze Active Stop all enemies in 30m for LVL(30-60)s, preventing them from taking any actions or damage.