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War Chamber is where demons go to war. Its portal gates can be connected to any realm in the Underworld. Here demons can access Arena from War Altar, or Campaign missions by talking to demion quester.


War Altar[ | ]

War Altar is connected to Practice Arena, Open World (Purgatory plains), and Seven Deadly Sin Arenas. The best way to gain rank and fame is to combat in Seven Deadly Sin Arenas. Each one has different set of rules, teams, and objectives. All arenas can access via War Altar inside War Chamber. Click Host button to form your own team, or use Quick Join to randomly join others


Stage list

  • Purgatory Plain - Open World/Tutorial
  • Practice Arena
  • Gluttony Park
  • Sloth Factory
  • Wrath Canyon
  • Envy Forest
  • Lust City
  • Greed Island
  • Pride Colosseum

Campaign Window[ | ]

Talk to Quester to open Campaign missions ranging from explorations to boss-fights for specials conquest and unique rewards (required x1 Event Orb, replenish every half hour.)


  • Main Event - Chaos Vault(silvers), Forgotten Hall(EXP), and Limited time campaigns.
  • Explorations - the special campaign that focuses on grinding for EXP.
  • Trail Boss - Fight Boss campaign to gain special conquest and unique materials/rewards.
  • Host list - currently hosted room will be found here.

Selecting Difficulty[ | ]

When hosting the stage players can selecting the Stage difficult . The higher difficulty might required certain 'Player rank' before you can access them.


  • Noobic - 60% monster power scale, don't req. Rank.
  • Humanic - 100% monster power scale, req. Rank 6.
  • Demonic - 200% monster power scale, req. Rank 13.
  • Satanic - 400% monster power scale, req. Rank 21.

Starting the battle[ | ]

Before any battle can start, all players must choose a unique demon and set ready. So the host player can start the match. If it's arenas the team will have to wait for the opposing team to be matched. Otherwise the game will begin immediately.

  • Players can change demons any time before host player press 'start match'. (click: unready > press Arrow > Choose Demon )
  • Players cas adjust set of equipments and skills before starting the battle by clicking Equipment button under their character.


In Game Gallery[ | ]