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Inside the volcano, twin giant colossus clash against one another for their uncontrollable rage since the dawn of time. Hellish fire imps, who live under their shadow, torture sinner’s soul with steel devices that are perpetually heated by the never-cooling lava. It's the time to help one of them win, those who aid in its victory will be accepted as a new ruler of the Wrath Realm.

Overview[ | ]

  • Type: Arena
  • Mode: Push Lane
  • Team: 5 vs 5
  • Objective: Destroy Other team's Molten Core
  • Time 45 min

Main Objective[ | ]

The main objective of this arena is to destroy the enemies’ Wrath Molten Core to help giant colossus win its fight. You can do this by attacking the core directly, or destroy the molten pillars to reduce it's health over time. The first team to successfully destroy the core will gain victory and conquer the realm.

Molten Core[ | ]

Molten Core is the Heart of the Wrath Colossus. By destroying the opponent's Molten Core, you will kill their Wrath Colosus and win the game. You can attack it directly, or by destroying Molten Pillars to gradually reduce its power over time. Be careful though that it also deal AOE effect damage (with HP scaling) to all enemies within its range.

Molten Pillars[ | ]

An easy way to gain victory is to destroy other team’s Molten Pillars. Each team will have 6 pillars which will act as a guard tower that attack any enemies within range. Destroying any of them will gradually drain away your opponent’s Molten Core power. The more the pillars destroyed, the faster the energy drainage to the core.

  • Each Pillar will attack its closest enemy within 20m with Fire Element damage.
  • Everyone in your team get 200 bonus copper for each pillar destroy
  • As a Structure, it will take reduced damage from elemental attack by 40%.
  • Also as a Structure, it will not receive any status buff or debuff or any effect damage.

Lesser Molten Pillars = Faster Molten Core Power Loss

Wrath MoltenPillar

Side Creeps List[ | ]

There are multiple beasts that dwell along side of the canyon. Killed side beasts will spawn from the molten core and help you push the lane. Each creep will also give you different amount of EXP and copper as follows :

Creep Type Pyre Imp Musket Imp Temper Magmatos Brute Imp Animus*
Copper gained 30 copper 31 copper 20 copper 30 copper 200 copper xxx copper

Wrath SideCreeps

Animus, Wrath Devil[ | ]

Once all 6 molten pillars of a team are destroyed, the wrath core will summon Animus, an extremely strong mini-boss, which will help your team push lane. This mechanic can help out the disadvantaged team to have a chance to turn the tables.

Blowing the War Horn[ | ]

You can also help support your army by blowing the War Horn located on the left of you base. It will give all the beasts in the lane a temporary 33% attack and defense boost for 130 seconds.

Wrath WarHorn

Using the Warp Gate[ | ]

Warp Gate sited on the right of the core allows you instantly warp to the central zone. This will help shorten the distance compared to the usual route. This can also give you the ability of creating a sudden ambush to the enemies front line at the central zone.

Wrath TeleportationGate

Using the Warp Mirror[ | ]

Warp Mirror is located at the left side of the wrath base. Teams can use the minor teleportation gate to warp behind the enemies line to the opponents' base and attack the Molten Core directly. It can give the disadvantaged team a chance to turn the tables around.


Firing The Base Cannons[ | ]

For those doing the supply run, or left too far behind, you can help support your front army by firing cannons located in your base. Each cannon fires to different area as follows :

Wrath Cannon

WrathMap cannon

Sample Strategies[ | ]

*Front Line/ Defense Line Groups[ | ]

It is typical for a team to divide into front and base defense groups. While the front line can keep opponents from advancing onto your team's pillars, the base defense team can support the team by protecting the core from backdoor ambush, killing side creeps, firing cannons or blowing the war horn.

*Back Door Push[ | ]

Unlike many games, backdoor push is allowed and even a great tactic in winning. This gives the disadvantaged team a chance to turn the tables around. However, demons do often need to plan some regeneration/healing support to combat the core's AOE damage over time.

Wrath Rewards[ | ]

Upon completing the arena, players will recieve 3 different pride treasures boxes, based on their result.

B wrt1 B wrt2 B wrt3

Wrath Equipments[ | ]

Icons Name Rarity Stats Special Elements
W wik23 Torture Weapon Uncommon STR+13 DEX+9 +13% chance to inflict 3s disarm -
W wik43 Wrath Weapon Rare STR+25 +20% accuracy Fire
W wik63 Fury Weapon Legendary STR+30 VIT+10 - Ice
A wik43 Wrath Armor Rare STR+25 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 +25% accuracy +35% Fire Fire Resist
-30% Water Water Resist
A wik63 Fury Armor Legendary STR+30 VIT+13 DEX+13 TAL+13 +35% accuracy +35% Ice Ice Resist
-30% Fire Fire Resist

Wrath Anima

Wrath Reward Materials[ | ]

Icons Name Description How to obtain
M wrt1 Broken Chain Small part of chains from a really long one. Wrath Canyon
M wrt2 Imp Horn Precious organ of any imp. Missing it will make it an outcast. Wrath Canyon
M wrt3 Stone Chunk A big and heavy pile of stones. You can built a mountain With 99 of this. Wrath Canyon
M wrt4 Torn Flag Small part of a flag made from a very disturbing materials. Wrath Canyon
M wrt5 Gunpowder Custom made gunpowder that can be only made by imp creatures. Wrath Canyon
M wrt6 Rusted Trap Trap made from quality silver. However, due to its size, it is very easy to spot. Wrath Canyon
M wrt7 Loser Stew Imp's special soup made from sinners' bone and other imps' meat. Wrath Canyon
M wrt8 Crystalized Lava Rare material from Wrath's lava bed. Wrath Canyon
M wrt9 Giants' Zit Let's not talk about this one. Wrath Canyon

Wrath Conquest[ | ]

Play Wrath X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Play Wrath 3 times N sol3 30 souls
Play Wrath 6 times I ksh1 x1
Play Wrath 13 times I evo1 x1
Play Wrath 23 times S wep3 Weapon Schema XIII x1
Play Wrath 33 times N sol5 50 souls
Play Wrath 45 times N gld7 200 gold
Play Wrath 66 times N sol9 90 souls
Play Wrath 99 times T all42 Pyre Amulet x1
Play Wrath 130 times S wep4 Weapon Schema XVIII x1

Win Wrath X Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Wrath 1 times T all1 x1
Win Wrath 3 times N sol5 50 souls
Win Wrath 6 times I evo1 x1
Win Wrath 13 times S arm3 Armors Schema XIII x1
Win Wrath 23 times N gld5 50 souls
Win Wrath 33 times N sol7 200 gold
Win Wrath 45 times N gld9 90 souls
Win Wrath 66 times T all51 Offence Bangle x1
Win Wrath 99 times S arm4 Armors Schema x1

Win Gluttony X Consecutive Times[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win Wrath 2 cons I bls1 x2
Win Wrath 3 cons S wep2 Weapon Schema VIII x1
Win Wrath 4 cons I bls1 x4
Win Wrath 5 cons I ksh2 x1
Win Wrath 6 cons I bls1 x6
Win Wrath 7 cons I ksh2 x2
Win Wrath 8 cons I ksh3 x1
Win Wrath 9 cons I ksh3 x2

Complete X Gluttony Quest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Complete 3 Wrath Quests N gld4 50 gold
Complete 6 Wrath Quests N sol6 60 souls
Complete 9 Wrath Quests Z wrt1 Inflamed I x1
Complete 13 Wrath Quests N sol9 90 souls
Complete 17 Wrath Quests Z wrt2 Inflamed II x1
Complete 21 Wrath Quests T all43 Flow Amulet x1
Complete 27 Wrath Quests N gld9 500 gold
Complete 33 Wrath Quests Z wrt3 Inflamed IV x1
Complete 39 Wrath Quests T all54 Nature Bangle x1

In Game Tutorial[ | ]