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XunWu is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy.

Background[ | ]

XunWu is the demonic monkey king, heir of the sun god. He seeks nothing but the total incinerate of the worlds by the power of his blazing sorcery

Strategy[ | ]

XunWu is a strong Battle Mage who has large AOE in close combat as well as high damage target spells for finishing off enemies. His only weakness is his defence, so be sure to equipped him accordingly.

Stats[ | ]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 90 (+60) 90 120 180 270
VIT 90 (+60) 90 120 180 270
DEX 90 (+60) 90 120 180 270
TAL 90 (+60) 90 120 180 270
Elemental Resistance
Normal - Light - Fire 25 Wind - Water - Earth - Thunder - Ice - Poison - Dark -
Other Immunity
Immune to Burn

Abilities[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SunGod SunGod Native Gives XunWu 25% fire protection and immunity to burn status.
SelfImolation SelfImolation Native Enable XunWu to charge and rapidly trade 20 HP for STR(20) MP.
DrunkenFire DrunkenFire Native Temporary adds 15% dmg to normal attack when a skill is used. (Stack up to 100%.)
CloudDash CloudDash Native Allow Xunwu to glide in the air while holding double jump.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
Fireball Fireball Active Instantly throw a giant fireball forward, dealing TAL(80~120) [fire] m.dmg and inflict burns for 3 sec.
FlameSmite Flame Smite Active Xunwu jumps up on his staff to temporary evade all damage and smash down with full fiery might, dealing 2x STR(0.5~0.6) + TAL(30~45) [fire] dmg.
FlashFire Flash Fire Active Draw a ring of fire around XunWu, dealing 10xTAL(50~80) [fire]/[wind] m.dmg to surrounding.
Incinerate Incinerate Active Cast a hell fire that burst from a target enemy's ground, Deals 3x TAL(50~75) [fire] m.dmg and inflict TAL(15~23) burns for 8 seconds.
FireServant Fire Servant Active Cast a spell that create two fire copies of XunWu that automatically follow and imitate most of Xunwu's physical action.
SunBurst SunBurst Active Gives target -100% fire resist and deal TAL(200~300) [fire] m.dmg after 8s in the 10m area.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FireEmber FireEmber Active Instantly throw three small fireballs forward, dealing TAL(50~75) [fire]/[wind] m.dmg and burns for 3s.
FlameStrike FlameStrike Active Evades all damage and deals STR(0.4~0.5) + TAL(60~90) [fire] dmg to the target area.
DancingFlame DancingFlame Active Burn surrounding enemies with 5 x TAL(50~80) damages [fire]/[wind] dmg.
FlameArmor FlameArmor Active Gives target 24% def, LVL(33~50)% fire resist for 24s and 50% to deals TAL(20~30) to phy.attacker.
BurningWrath BurningWrath Active Leap into the air and strike down an pillar of inferno, dealing 8xTAL(100~150) [fire]/[wind] dmg.
AgniIncarnate AgniIncarnate Active Temporary increase XunWu STR and TAL by (66~100)% of his Base TAL for 30s and refill his HP afterward.

Third row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
FireCinder FireCinder Active Fire five fireballs repeatedly, dealing TAL(40~60) [fire]/[earth] m.dmg.
RuyiRodSmite RuyiRodSmite Active Return monkey king's rod to its original form, dealing STR(2.0~2.5) [fire]/[earth] dmg.
FireGuard FireGuard Active Temporary give your team LVL(40~60)% [fire] and LVL(20~30)% [ice] protection for 13s.
FireDragons FireDragons Active Deals 7xTAL(70~100) [fire] m.dmg to target enemies and remove all debuffs from target allies.
FireArmy FireArmy Active Increase all allies phy.attack by (10~15)% and change their n.attack to [fire] for LVL(10~15)s.
RagingSun RagingSun Active Cast a giant homing sun that burn surrounding enemies and explode on impact, dealing TAL(350~500) [fire] m.dmg.

XunWu's Equipments[ | ]

Bar is a weapon equipment for XunWu.

XunWu's Bar List [Weapon][ | ]

Icons Name Stats Special Elements Craft material
W xun1 Standard Bar - - - M ore1x3 M ore2x1
W xun2 Black Bar STR+3 VIT+3 DEX+3 TAL+3 - Dark M ore1x6 M ore2x2 M ore3x1
W xun5 Hny Bar STR+4 VIT+4 DEX+4 TAL+4 - Light event/gold shop
W xun7 Novice Bar STR+1 VIT+1 DEX+1 TAL+1 +5% kill exp, -5% all element resist. - -
W xun14 Valentine Bar VIT+7 DEX+7 +6% chance to inflict Charm. - event
W xun15 Toy Bar STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 - Rainbow event
W xun17 Training Bar STR+2 VIT+2 DEX+2 TAL+2 +10% kill exp, -10% all element resist. - -
Janitor Bar STR+7 TAL+7 +13% chance to inflict nullify on self or target for 3s. - trade via guild shop
W xun21 Rotten Bar STR+5 VIT+10 +13% chance to Heal 5% MHP when atk. - M glt1x13 M ore1x6 M ore2x12
W xun22 Junk Bar DEX+10 TAL+5 +13% chance to inflict Silence - M slt1x13 M ore1x6 M ore2x12
W xun23 Torture Bar STR+10 DEX+5 +13% chance to inflict Disarm - M wrt1x13 M ore2x3 M ore3x2
W xun24 Wilder Bar VIT+5 TAL+10 +13% chance to inflict Poison - M env1x13 M ore2x3 M ore3x2
W xun25 Kinky Bar STR+5 TAL+10 +13% Chance to inflict Pervert status - -
W xun27 Holy Bar VIT+8 TAL+8 +10% HLG - M prd1x13 M ore4x1 M ore3x4
W xun29 Laser Bar DEX+23 +13% chance to reduce 13 DEX (stack.) Thunder event
W xun33 Wind Bar STR+10 DEX+15 +13% Evasion Wind event
W xun34 Cloud Bar DEX+15 TAL+10 +33% Accuracy Water event
- Inca Bar STR+10 VIT+15 +5% Def, +5% non-[light/dark] element resist. Earth event
W xun38 Lich Bar STR+10 TAL+15 +6% MP Drain Ice trade via death king. (death city)
W xun39 Blood Bar STR+15 TAL+10 +6% HP Drain Fire event
W xun41 Gluttony Bar VIT+30 - Earth M glt5x7 M wrt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd7x13
W xun42 Sloth Bar DEX+30 - Thunder M slt5x7 M env1x23 M ore2x23 M shd5x13
W xun43 Wrath Bar STR+30 - Fire M wrt5x7 M slt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd1x13
W xun44 Envy Bar TAL+30 - Water M env5x7 M glt1x23 M ore2x23 M shd3x13
W xun45 Lust Bar DEX+9 TAL+9 +7% block Abnormal status. Dark -
W xun47 Pride Bar VIT+10 TAL+10 +10% HP Regen Light M prd5x13 M env1x7 M ore2x6 M shd8x12
W xun51 Torment Bar STR+9 VIT+9 DEX+9 TAL+9 +13% chance to inflict torment. Dark Demons conquest
W xun52 Special Bar STR-5 VIT-5 DEX+10 TAL-5 +15% Fire damage. - trade via arena shop.
W xun53 Romance Bar VIT+14 TAL+14 +that adds 13% normal dmg but reduces 20% fire def. - event
W xun54 - - +- - event
W xun61 Gigantas Bar VIT+25 DEX+10 - Poison M glt9x16 M shd4x23 M rdb3x23 M ore2x66
W xun62 Abadon Bar DEX+25 TAL+10 - Wind M slt9x16 M shd2x23 M rdb1x23 M ore2x66
W xun63 Fury Bar STR+25 VIT+10 - Ice M wrt9x16 M shd6x23 M rdb2x23 M ore2x66
W xun64 Malice Bar STR+25 TAL+10 - Thunder M env9x16 M shd8x23 M rdb4x23 M ore2x66
W xun65 Lover Bar DEX+13 TAL+13 +7% block Abnormal status. Light -
W xun67 Exalt Bar STR+15 TAL+15 +10% HP Regen Light M prd9x16 M shd1x23 M cmp7x23 M ore2x66
W xun71 Satanic Bar STR+20 VIT+5 TAL+20 - - trade via King in Yellow.
W xun76 FrostDew Bar STR+10 VIT+10 DEX+10 TAL+15 Gives n.Attack 23% chance to inflict 23% IceDown Ice trade via Ice Penguin. (TOA)

XunWu's Outfit List [Armor][ | ]

Icons Name Stats Resistance Specials
A xun1 Standard Outfit - - -
A xun2 Black Outfit STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+10 TAL+10 Light10 Dark10 -
A all3 Beta Coat STR+2 VIT+2 DEX+2 TAL+2 FireWaterWindEarthThunderIcePoisonDark10 -
A all4 Outlaw Coat STR+4 VIT+4 DEX+4 TAL+4 LightFireWaterWindEarthThunderIcePoison10 -
A all5 HNY Coat STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 Light20 -
A all6 Yukata dress DEX+10 TAL+10 Wind20 -
A xun7 Novice Outfit STR+1 VIT+1 DEX+1 TAL+1 FireWaterWindEarthThunderIcePoison-5 -
A xun15 Summer Outfit STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 LightFireWaterWind25 EarthIcePoisonThunderDark-25 -
A xun25 Tail Outfit STR+8 VIT+12 - 20% Block Status
A xun35 Hallow Outfit DEX+10 TAL+10 - 15% Evasion
A xun41 Gluttony Outfit STR+5 VIT+25 DEX+5 TAL+5 Earth15 Poison-15 -
A xun42 Sloth Outfit STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+25 TAL+5 Thunder15 Earth-15 -
A xun43 Wrath Outfit STR+25 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+5 Fire15 Water-15 -
A xun44 Envy Outfit STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+5 TAL+25 Water15 Thunder-15 -
A xun47 Pride Pants STR+5 VIT+15 DEX+5 TAL+15 Light15 Dark-15 HP Regen 8
A xun51 Torment Outfit STR+13 VIT+13 DEX+13 TAL+13 Dark15 Light-15 -
A xun55 Phantom Outfit STR+5 VIT+5 DEX+10 TAL+10 - + 25% Evasion
A xun61 Gigantas Outfit STR+10 VIT+20 DEX+10 TAL+10 Poison20 Water-20 -
A xun62 Abadon Outfit STR+10 VIT+10 DEX+20 TAL+10 Wind20 Earth-20 -
A xun63 Fury Outfit STR+30 VIT+10 DEX+5 TAL+5 Ice20 Fire-20 -
A xun64 Malice Outfit STR+10 VIT+10 DEX+10 TAL+20 Thunder20 Ice-20 -
A xun67 Exalt Outfit STR+5 VIT+15 DEX+5 TAL+15 Light20 Dark-20 HP Regen 12
A xun71 Satanic Outfit STR+20 VIT+10 DEX+10 TAL+20 - -

==XunWu Conquest==

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with XunWu I bls1 x3
Win 13 Arenas with XunWu N gld5 100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with XunWu Y xun1 Flammable I x1
Win 36 Arenas with XunWu N sol6 60 soul
Win 50 Arenas with XunWu N gld8 300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with XunWu Y xun2 Flammable II x1
Win 84 Arenas with XunWu W xun51 Torment Outfit x1
Win 103 Arenas with XunWu Y xun3 Flammable III x1
Win 130 Arenas with XunWu A xun51 Torment Bar x1