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Zuijin is a demon in DemonsAreCrazy [ภาษาไทย]

Background[ | ]

Zuijin is the ultimate warrior verse in the ancient warfare. Combineing his martial weapon skill with his extreme strength and sacred armor, he is so powerful he can defeat an entire army alone.

Strategy[ | ]

Zuijin is the ultimate warrior with armor that protect him against all elements. He however possess no distance move and cannot counter attack those he cannot reach.

Stats[ | ]

Base Stats lv 1 lv 10 lv 30 lv 60
STR 145 (+115) 145 202 317 490
VIT 130 (+100) 130 180 405 430
DEX 115 (+85) 115 154 242 370
TAL 90 (+60) 90 120 180 270
Elemental Resistance
Normal +20 Light +20 Fire +20 Wind -40 Water +20
Earth +20 Thunder +20 Ice +20 Poison +20 Dark +20

Zuijin_Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SquareSkyHalberd SquareSkyHalberd Native Deal 5xSTR(1.0) dmg with normal attack.
SweepingMusou SweepingMusou Native Deal 8x STR(0.5) dmg with charge attack.
QilinScaleArmor QilinScaleArmor Native Add 20% [fire][water] and [earth] def but reduce 25% [wind] def.
FightingSpirit FightingSpirit Native Add 30% extra damage dealt to humans.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WhiteTigerStrike WhiteTigerStrike Active Jump and smash the ground, dealing STR(1.5~2.3) [earth] dmg and reduce 23% ATK.
PhoenixSlash PhoenixSlash Active Slash area in front, dealing 3x STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(66~100) [fire] dmg and reduce 10% DEF (stacking max 30%).
FlippingTortoise FlippingTortoise Active Deal 2x STR(1.3~2) dmg and disable target for 3s with TAL(13)% [earth] dmg of target weight (max 999 dmg.)
RisingJadeDragon RisingJadeDragon Active Deal 8x STR(0.8~1.2) + TAL(40~60) [wind] dmg to the frontal upward area.
ImperialGuard ImperialGuard Active Instantly cast nullify on self, preventing any status change for (10~15) sec.
DemonKiller DemonKiller Active Increases Zuijin's n.attack and c,attack damage against demon race by LVL(10~50)%.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
StoneTigerClaw StoneTigerClaw Active Crush front targets with STR(2.0~3.0) [earth] dmg with 20 ko.
PhoenixDive PhoenixDive Active Trusts forward and deals 5x STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(23~33) [fire] dmg in a long line, reducing (25)% MAG.
DefendingWall DefendingWall Active Reflects all frontal projectile and magic back to its owner Deal 3x TAL(66)-(1800) [water] dmg and reflect (66)-(100)% frontal phy/mag.dmg back.
RollingWindDragon RollingEmeralDragon Active Deal 15x STR(0.2~0.3) + TAL(100~150) [wind] dmg to wide surrounding area.
ForbiddenEmpire ForbiddenEmpire Active Gives all nearby allies demons within 12m (except self) invincible status for LVL(3~5)s.
GodKiller GodKiller Active Increases all Zuijin's damage against god race by LVL(50~100)%.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WestMetalTiger West Metal Tiger Active Jump and Add LVL(50)~(100)% beast killer to self and deal STR(4)~(8) critical dmg.
SouthFirePhoenix South Fire Phoenix Active Add LVL(50)~(100)% plant killer and deal 6x STR(1)~(2) + TAL(100)~(200) [fire] dmg.
NorthWaterTortoise North Water Tortoise Active Block all damages and deal 5x TAL(150-300) [water] dmg around Zuijin.
EastWindDragon East Wind Dragon Active Unleash a dragon forward, dealing 8x STR(2.0-4.0) + TAL(100-200) [wind] dmg.
AllOffense AllOffense Active Gives self and allies a LVL(25-50)% PHY.DMG boost for 60s.

Zuijin Conquest[ | ]

Conquest Reward
Win 6 Arenas with Zuijin I bls1 x3 Blood Stone
Win 13 Arenas with Zuijin N gld5 x100 golds
Win 23 Arenas with Zuijin Y zjn1 x1 Art of War I
Win 36 Arenas with Zuijin N sol6 x60 souls
Win 50 Arenas with Zuijin N gld8 x300 golds
Win 66 Arenas with Zuijin Y zjn2 x1 Art of War II
Win 84 Arenas with Zuijin I pbk7x1 PaintBucket 7
Win 103 Arenas with Zuijin Y zjn3 x1 Art of War III
Win 130 Arenas with Zuijin I ksm1 x1 Kosmos