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Zuijin_Skills[ | ]

Native[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
SquareSkyHalberd SquareSkyHalberd Native Deal 5xSTR(1.0) dmg with normal attack.
SweepingMusou SweepingMusou Native Deal 8x STR(0.5) dmg with charge attack.
QilinScaleArmor QilinScaleArmor Native Add 20% [fire][water] and [earth] def but reduce 25% [wind] def.
FightingSpirit FightingSpirit Native Add 30% extra damage dealt to humans.

First row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WhiteTigerStrike WhiteTigerStrike Active Jump and smash the ground, dealing STR(1.5~2.3) [earth] dmg and reduce 23% ATK.
PhoenixSlash PhoenixSlash Active Slash area in front, dealing 3x STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(66~100) [fire] dmg and reduce 10% DEF (stacking max 30%).
FlippingTortoise FlippingTortoise Active Deal 2x STR(1.3~2) dmg and disable target for 3s with TAL(13)% [earth] dmg of target weight (max 999 dmg.)
RisingJadeDragon RisingJadeDragon Active Deal 8x STR(0.8~1.2) + TAL(40~60) [wind] dmg to the frontal upward area.
ImperialGuard ImperialGuard Active Instantly cast nullify on self, preventing any status change for (10~15) sec.
DemonKiller DemonKiller Active Increases Zuijin's n.attack and c,attack damage against demon race by LVL(10~50)%.

Second row[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
StoneTigerClaw StoneTigerClaw Active Crush front targets with STR(2.0~3.0) [earth] dmg with 20 ko.
PhoenixDive PhoenixDive Active Trusts forward and deals 5x STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(23~33) [fire] dmg in a long line, reducing (25)% MAG.
DefendingWall DefendingWall Active Reflects all frontal projectile and magic back to its owner Deal 3x TAL(66)-(1800) [water] dmg and reflect (66)-(100)% frontal phy/mag.dmg back.
RollingWindDragon RollingEmeralDragon Active Deal 15x STR(0.2~0.3) + TAL(100~150) [wind] dmg to wide surrounding area.
ForbiddenEmpire ForbiddenEmpire Active Gives all nearby allies demons within 12m (except self) invincible status for LVL(3~5)s.
GodKiller GodKiller Active Increases all Zuijin's damage against god race by LVL(50~100)%.

Seventh Satanic Skills[ | ]

Image Name Type Desc
WestMetalTiger West Metal Tiger Active Jump and Add LVL(50)~(100)% beast killer to self and deal STR(4)~(8) critical dmg.
SouthFirePhoenix South Fire Phoenix Active Add LVL(50)~(100)% plant killer and deal 6x STR(1)~(2) + TAL(100)~(200) [fire] dmg.
NorthWaterTortoise North Water Tortoise Active Block all damages and deal 5x TAL(150-300) [water] dmg around Zuijin.
EastWindDragon East Wind Dragon Active Unleash a dragon forward, dealing 8x STR(2.0-4.0) + TAL(100-200) [wind] dmg.
AllOffense AllOffense Active Gives self and allies a LVL(25-50)% PHY.DMG boost for 60s.